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This Restaurant is Displaying ‘Sleeping Mexican’ Statues and It’s Pissing People Off

This is Hot Taco, a new restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Credit: Noel L. / Yelp

See those statues? They’ve become the center of controversy.

Credit: Morgan G. / Yelp

Several Charlotte residents say the restaurant is promoting negative stereotypes by displaying the statues. They’ve asked the restaurant to remove them.

Credit: Amalia Deloney /

Amalia Deloney, a Latina of Guatemalan descent, wrote an opinion piece in the Charlotte Agenda explaining why some people find the statues offensive: “For years, this image has been used as a shorthand way to ridicule Mexicans and other Latinos, mock their culture and devalue their identity.”

Deloney also created a petition to have the statue removed and went into further detail: “The stereotype that Mexicans are lazy is one that Mexicans & other Latinos are still battling to this day—despite the fact that many of our friends and family work long hours in low-wage service sector jobs, or on dangerous construction sites, where wage theft, racial profiling and other abuse driven by an anti-immigrant climate are a daily reality.”

According to the Charlotte Observer, the owners of Hot Taco have promised to release a statement but have yet to do so.

So, how’s the food? Here’s a shot of their street corn:

Credit: Denise K. / Yelp


Credit: NBC /

Something isn’t quite right…

Let’s take a look at their steak and fish tacos:

Credit: Denise K. / Yelp

Cold tortillas de harina? And they’re using the same white sauce for steak and fish?

Credit: Lifetime /

In a recent review of Hot Taco, Helen Schwab of the Charlotte Observer wrote that it took 40 minutes to get her food. After tasting it, Schwab suggested Hot Taco should have given her a voucher for another visit, “rather than delivering food this bad.”

It probably shouldn’t be a surprise. Hot Taco is literally located on…

Credit: Yelp



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Pope Francis is Dropping a Rock Album. No, Seriously.


Pope Francis is Dropping a Rock Album. No, Seriously.

Edgar Jiménez / Wikimedia

It’s not a joke, 78-year-old Pope Francis is actually releasing a rock album.


It’s true. Titled Wake Up!, the album features 11 tracks in Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and English.
Credit: Believe it Digital IT

I mean, he is kinda treated like a rock star.


And his vocals can make grown men cry.


Those hoping to be blessed with Pope Francis’s singing chops may be disappointed – his vocals on Wake Up! are actually just soundbites from previous speeches.

Listen to Pope Francis in “Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!”

[soundcloud soundcloudurl=”” ][/soundcloud]

Wake Up! is scheduled for release on November 27.

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