A Baseball Legend Is Being Called Out For A Gesture That Pissed Some People Off

Once again, we have witnessed a well-known, national personality make a bad decision with one offensive action. This time, Pedro Martínez, the MLB Hall of Famer who famously played for the Red Sox, is doing some damage control for a war cry he made on national television.

Martínez was talking with his co-host about the Boston Red Sox’s defeat at the hands of the Cleveland Indians. Then he did this:

It wasn’t long until people started calling him out for it.

The same day that the segment was shot — Indigenous People’s Day in some cities — Martínez tried his hand at an apology.

And by apology, we mean he was sorry if people “misunderstood” him. He wasn’t expressly sorry for making the war cry.

Again, people were quick to call him out, but this time it was for his non-apology.

Is a sincere apology so hard to do these days?

And a few people want Martínez to go further and apologize to the people he offended.

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