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What Peeeeendejo Puts Peas in Guacamole? The New York Times Did.

New York Times guacamole peas
New York Times

If there are two things you should take away from the first days of summer of 2015, it’s that you don’t call Mexicans “rapists” and you DO NOT suggest adding peas to guacamole. The New York Times found out the hard way:

Peas in guacamole? The NYT said, “Trust us.”

The Internet replied:

Maya Rudolph No GIF


Lots of people were puzzled:

Only a few noticed that the recipe also contained another weird ingredient:

Others laughed it off:

But most people simply thought, “U Tried.”

The New York Times was unfazed:

President Obama had to step in:

EVEN Republicans agreed with Obama on this one:

Tony Cardenas, a Congressman from California, also jumped into the fray:

Others called out previous sins from the New York Times:

That’s not made up. Neither is this other NYT guacamole recipe that calls for pears and apples.

As the debate rages on, there’s still no word from Mexico’s “Little Pea” – Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez.

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Real Guac Doesn't Come with Peas

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Real Guac Doesn’t Come with Peas

Keep It Real, Hold the Peas

Say whaaaaa?! NYT, you gotta keep it real — and simple — when it comes to guacamole recipes. Five key ingredients (you can count that on one hand) is all you need: avocado, cilantro, lime, jalapeño, salt. Bam! Now you can make the tastiest, pea-less, guac on the block.

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What’s your favorite guacamole recipe? mitú wants to know. Leave a comment below.

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