What Peeeeendejo Puts Peas in Guacamole? The New York Times Did.

New York Times guacamole peas
New York Times

If there are two things you should take away from the first days of summer of 2015, it’s that you don’t call Mexicans “rapists” and you DO NOT suggest adding peas to guacamole. The New York Times found out the hard way:

Peas in guacamole? The NYT said, “Trust us.”

The Internet replied:

Maya Rudolph No GIF


Lots of people were puzzled:

Only a few noticed that the recipe also contained another weird ingredient:

Others laughed it off:

But most people simply thought, “U Tried.”

The New York Times was unfazed:

President Obama had to step in:

EVEN Republicans agreed with Obama on this one:

Tony Cardenas, a Congressman from California, also jumped into the fray:

Others called out previous sins from the New York Times:

That’s not made up. Neither is this other NYT guacamole recipe that calls for pears and apples.

As the debate rages on, there’s still no word from Mexico’s “Little Pea” – Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez.

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These Latino Spider-Man Impersonators Are Taking Way It Too Far

bad hombres

These Latino Spider-Man Impersonators Are Taking Way It Too Far

Eyes In The World / YouTube / Ken Nickerson / Flickr

There’s something amazing about costumed impersonators, especially the ones who play Spider-Man. Whenever someone puts on that iconic web-lined mask, they forget that they’re not really superheroes. People everywhere, from Brooklyn to Bogotá, are injuring themselves at kids’ parties. Here’s what happens when you forget that with no power comes no responsibility to attempt spider-stunts.

Spider-Man is especially popular with Latino superhero impersonators.

@alexandralopez_7 / Instagram

This amazing Spider-Man could only be found dabbing in Puerto Rico.

Probably because we make it look so damn good.

What’s Trending 2 / YouTube

Even if this was your car, you’d have a hard time denying how dope this fashion-forward spider-dude looks, stunting in that crouched down modified B-boy stance. Bonus style points awarded for his unlicensed use of the Timberland boots and Yankees hat combo.

The problem with being a Spider-Man impersonator is you don’t actually have any of his superpowers.

El Rincón de Baco / YouTube

Like his ability to determine when a bus has stopped.

You don’t have his spider-agility.

Wenzaa / YouTube

This Chilean web-head brought some little kid’s birthday party to crawl after this friendly neighborhood face-plant.

And you can’t climb walls…

aaron alfonso gallegos de la cruz / YouTube

Here’s what happens when Mexican Spider-Man tries to be Peter Parkour.

… Or even fences.


Good fences make good neighbors, but broken ones make lawsuits. If you hire a Spider-Man, and he gets paralyzed because you failed to reinforce your flipping pickets, get ready to pay for this classic case of gross negligence.

You don’t possess his radioactive-born ability to refuse that second helping of Abuela’s tamales.

SrCulero / YouTube

We’ve all been there, and by “there” I mean “in a strangers living room after crashing through their roof dressed like an arachnid superhero.” Am I right?!

And, you don’t even have the spidey-sense to stay off the damn roof!

El Rincón de Baco / YouTube

There’s a reason Spider-Man is called a wall-crawler and not a roof-crawler. Stay off the roof!

Even if you had Spidey’s sticky hands…

Espectáculos Marlik / YouTube

If this awkward ass handshake had lasted half a second longer, Chris Hansen would’ve popped out of a Venom-shaped piñata.

…You still wouldn’t have his reflexes.

Espectáculos Marlik / YouTube

Yikes! People are getting hurt. Just dressing like a superhero doesn’t make you one. J. Jonah Jameson was right: “Spider-Man is a menace!”

However, like the Spider-Man of Bogotá, you don’t need superpowers to be the hero.

RT in Spanish / YouTube

Jahn Freddy Duque is a web-swinging daredevil (a, not the Daredevil) street performer in Colombia. Dressed as Spider-Man, he entertains on-lookers in Bogotá with jaw-dropping acrobatic stunts while suspended from a bridge by thins strands of aerial fabric. He’s got children, as well as some adults convinced that what they’re seeing is the comic book hero come to life.

RT in Spanish / YouTube

Should this level of his showmanship and dedication to the character be the aim for every superhero impersonator?

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7 Times Mexican Food Was Ruined Forever


7 Times Mexican Food Was Ruined Forever

@bigtrucktacos / @capturing_disney / Instagram

Why you gotta break our hearts like this?

This is what enchiladas are supposed to look like.

Credit: @mylife_abeautifulchaos / Instagram

A dream covered in a sauce crafted from the gawds.

While these make you ask, “WTF’s going on in the kitchen?!”

#mexicanfood #lunch #enchiladas ?

A photo posted by Dunja Milihram Kovacic (@dunja.m.k) on

Credit: @dunja.m.k / Instagram

Were these even made in a kitchen?

These tacos, tho. ?

Credit: @tacos_el_chingon / Instagram

These tacos, tho. ?

Credit: @hayesz_ / Instagram

Who doesn’t love some delicious guacamole?

Who else is having guac for lunch?! #girlswhoguac #guac #guacamole

A photo posted by @girlswhoguac on

Credit: @girlswhoguac / Instagram

We said guacamole, not this pea-filled abomination.

Credit: @tefox / Instagram

Fat, juicy, grilled: Yes, that’s a burrito.

Credit: @burritoboyzstreetsville / Instagram

Unless you prefer a… whatever you call this.

Credit: @revhuddersfield / Instagram

Quesadillas, when done right, are eeeeeverything.

Credit: @bigtrucktacos / Instagram

Sadly, some people don’t understand quesadillas are more than just tortillas and cheese.

Credit: @capturing_disney / Instagram

What’s more refreshing than homemade horchata?

Credit: @virginiavallejos / Instagram

Definitely not choking on some boba while slurping this ungodly drink.

Credit: @koalatcafe / Instagram

Elotes are one of the most sacred Mexican foods, right? (Right.)

Credit: @mr_phamous / Instagram

But it doesn’t mean that people aren’t trying to “improve them.”

A photo posted by Localwise (@localwisejobs) on

Credit: @locawisejobs / Instagram

Why are there rose petals in my food?!

It ain’t broke, so quit trying to fix my Mexican food. Gracias.

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