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Outrageous Ball Park Foods and Their Calorie Count

Baseball season is finally underway. That means sunshine, beer and lots of incredibly bad (or great) stadium food – and we don’t mean peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Ball parks are constantly competing to outdo each other with outrageous foods like multi-layered burgers, meatball in ice cream cones and of course, bacon. Which one of these is tempting enough to break your diet?

Start with a Multi-Layered Burger of Cheesy Goodness

Value bucket was no joke #yankeestadium #stadiumfood #1poundoffriesisalot #myarteries #worthit #teamtamcam

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Phillies Stadium gives In-N-Out’s four by four a run for its money. Calories: 2,200  

If Corn Dogs are Your Thing…

The Diamondbacks’ 24 inch D-Bat will satisfy that craving. Calories: 3,000  

Or Have a Texas Style Hot Dog

Courtesy of the Rangers. Calories: Undetermined, but close to a full day’s worth.  

You Can Have Steak Fries Anywhere, But…

This is why I’m fat. #Ballparkfood #mlb #brisketnachos A photo posted by Spencer Mattinson (@matti_spe) on

You can only get brisket nachos in Detroit’s home park. Calories: 1,220  

Meatballs in a Cone, Anyone?

This year the Dodgers introduced meatball marinara in a cone. Doesn’t get fancier than this. Calories: TBD, but there’s serious damage here.

Popcorn is a Baseball Game Staple, But…

Fresh hand tossed caramel popcorn….who says you can’t eat popcorn with a fork? #attpark #sfgiants A photo posted by Sarah May’s (@sarsmay) on

Now you have have yours topped off with caramel at Giants Stadium. Make sure you grab a fork. Calories: 1,700

For the Bacon Obsessed

Citi Field offers two options: s’mores bacon and Sriracha bacon. Calories: 780  

Wash it Down with Dessert 

Like the Churro Dog from Chase Field – churro, inside a chocolate bar donut, topped with frozen yogurt and chocolate AND caramel sauces. Calories: 1,117  

Or a S’mores Sandwich

  S’mores Sandwich At AT&T Park   A photo posted by @scottysauce on

From AT&T Park.

Calories: 1,135

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