Meet the Mexican Volleyball Player Who is One of College Volleyball’s Biggest Stars

Meet Samantha Bricio. She’s the best volleyball player in Mexico.

She was only 16 years old when she was called up to play for Mexico’s National Volleyball team.

The 6’2″ outside hitter from Guadalajara, Jalisco is also one of the top collegiate players in the United States.

Bricio, who is now in her senior year at USC, is known for being a ferocious attacker…

With a jump serve that’s hard for most players to handle.

Credit: USCAthletics / YouTube

Despite her prodigious talent, Bricio’s early days at USC weren’t much fun.

Bricio says she was having a difficult time adapting to life away from her family and friends.

Credit: Telemundo

“I would cry almost every night because I felt so alone,” said Bricio in an interview with Telemundo. But she said her parents snapped her out of it: “I actually almost quit after my first season. I felt alone here, so I wanted to go home. But my parents didn’t let me.”

But Bricio stuck with it, and was eventually named Freshman of the Year by Volleyball Magazine.

Now, she’s the ALL TIME leader in kills at USC.

Not only is she winning awards and breaking records, she’s inspiring other Latinas and Latinos who play volleyball.

She was even honored by the Los Angeles City Council for being an inspiration:

Bricio, who was recently given a send off on USC’s “Senior Night,” still has some unfinished business…

She’ll try to lead the Trojans to her first NCAA Championship in December.

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