One Guy’s 21st Birthday Started with a Chill Snowboard Ride and Ended with Him Saving a Horse

Here a sweet little video about a man rescuing a horse stuck in the snow just because.

It all started when Rafael Pease took a 21st birthday ride down a mountain.

Credit: GoPro / YouTube

It just so happened to be the first snow of the season and he was vacationing in El Colorado, Chile.

One his way down he saw what looked like a rock in the snow and decided to check it out.

Credit: GoPro / YouTube

Because, when you see a rock in the snow while snowboarding you just have to check it out.

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But dude got a total surprise when he realized it was a stranded horse. He knew he had to help.

Credit: GoPro / YouTube

The horse was stuck in 4 feet of snow and Pease knew he had to do something to save the poor animal.

But you can’t just up and go without a quick bite to eat.

Credit: GoPro / YouTube

She seems grateful that she finally had a nice meal provided by a total stranger.

Once she finished eating, it was time to get off the hill and head back to the city.

Credit: GoPro / YouTube

This is so awesome.

Better yet, the saga has a happy ending: the mare was reunited with her owner.

Credit: GoPro / YouTube

Kudos, bro. It’s always nice to see people helping defenseless animals.

Credit: The Princess and the Frog / Disney / cirquedutha / Tumblr

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Check out the full video below:

Credit: GoPro / YouTube

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