One Dodger Clown’s Mission to Help L.A.’s Homeless

This clown’s charity work is nothing to laugh about.

Say hello to Hiccups Payaso. He’s arguably the No. 1 Dodgers fan in LA.

Credit: Hiccups Payaso / Facebook

The season pass holder makes an effort to be at every home game cheering on his favorite team.

He’s a crowd favorite and is kind of a big deal at Dodger Stadium.

Credit: Hiccups Payaso / Facebook
Credit: Hiccups Payaso / Facebook

He’s even become a bobblehead.

He’s also an incredible philanthropist.

Credit: Hiccups Payaso / Facebook

Since 2013, Hiccups Payaso has been helping the homeless on LA’s Skid Row.

Credit: Don’t be a chicken / YouTube

He organizes clothing drives to give Skid Row residents new clothes.

Credit: Don’t be a chicken / YouTube

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And through his Hiccups Pizza Project, he makes sure that everyone has something to eat.

Credit: Hiccups Payaso / Facebook

Don’t worry. There’s also water and fruit.

Credit: Hiccups Payaso / Facebook

And Hiccups Payso never asks for anything in return, other than help from more community members.

Hiccups Pizza Project’s goal is to help 350 people per event.

Credit: Hiccups Payaso / Facebook

Hiccups Payaso, who prefers to keep his real name private, can be found on LA’s Skid Row the last Sunday of every month.

Kudos, dude.

Credit: Wreck-It Ralph / Disney / diehard-disney / Tumblr

Even the little ones are getting involved.

Credit: Hiccups Payaso / Facebook

One of Hiccups’ biggest reasons for this work is to give children a chance to experience what it is like helping those in need.

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Mad respect, Hiccups.

Credit: yodiscrepo / Tumblr

When he isn’t at a game or Skid Row, dude visits the Children’s Hospital LA.

Credit: Hiccups Payaso / Facebook

His selflessness is something to admire.

Credit: Hiccups Payaso / Facebook

Thank you, Hiccups. You are making LA better one Sunday at a time. Keep it up!

“Some people are very grateful; some people are embarrassed, but most people that are getting in line to get something for free are in line because there’s a need,” Hiccups Payaso said in an interview. “But you just got to come out here with an open mind and remember that everything we have: a roof, a key to our car or our house, a job. We shouldn’t take for granted because there are some people who don’t have absolutely nothing in the world.”

Learn more about Hiccups Payaso below:

Credit: Don’t Be a Chicken / YouTube

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