“OITNB” Just Dropped The Release Date For Season 5 And People Are Losing It

It’s official! Netflix’s “Orange Is The New Black” has just teased every one of us with a release date for season 5 and people are losing their minds. The inmates of Litchfield will once again flood the homes of millions of Americans who have been anxiously awaiting this day since the intense cliffhanger of a season finale last year.

It’s official. “OITNB” season 5 is dropping on June 9. Mark your calendars.

***Spoiler Alert***

Last season ended with a crazy, heart-pounding scene: Daya (Dascha Polanco) holds C.O. Humphrey’s gun back at him with all the inmates standing around cheering. It’s anyone’s guess as to what is in store for the new, abusive and sadistic C.O.s flooding Litchfield.

Fans. ?? Are. ?? Losing. ?? Their. ?? Minds. ??

“OITNB” has a special skill for snatching wigs every time they drop a new season.

And several fans don’t even have the words to express their excitement.

S A M E !!

A smart few are already taking time off work so they can binge the season the day it drops.

I mean, everyone knows that the flu hits suddenly June 9.

For most though, it’s a picture that perfectly captures their true emotions atm.

Just breathe.

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