Official Video For Cover Of Selena’s “Si Una Vez” Gives Leslie Grace A Broken Heart


I don’t envy anyone who tries to cover a Selena song, but when Play-N-Skillz, along with Leslie Grace, Frankie J and Wisin, dropped their reggaeton cover of “Si Una Vez,” they definitely earned respect from fans of La Reina. Now the all-star collaborators are back together for the official video.

The video for “Si Una Vez” captures Selena’s heartbreaking lyrics, but places the story in a slick, modern setting.


Leslie Grace’s face perfectly captures the emotion of a scorned lover.

Of course, there’s no comparison to the original version.


The intensity and emotion in her voice always brings chills.

So how do you feel about Play-N-Skillz’s cover of “Si Una Vez”?

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