Obama’s Great DNC Speech Doesn’t Mean He’s Still Not “Deporter In Chief”

“The American Dream is something no wall will ever contain.”

President Barack Obama delivered the final speech at the penultimate night of the Democratic National Convention. His address was meant to unify his party after a highly contentious primary process, and be a symbolic passing of the baton to Hillary Clinton, the new de facto leader of the Democratic Party. It was beautiful and truly moving. So much so, in fact, that several Republicans got salty, saying that this should’ve been their speech:

There were a lot of moments during Obama’s beautiful sermon that truly moved me. One line in particular nearly brought me to tears. “The American Dream is something no wall could ever contain,” Obama, the Great Orator, told the packed crowd. It was a clear rejection of Donald Trump’s hateful and anti-immigrant/anti-Latino rhetoric. It’s too bad that the line was as hypocritical as it was moving.

Great speech, but that doesn’t change Obama being “Deporter In Chief”

Vox’s Ezra Klein went off on Twitter after the speech, praising Obama for all that he’s done, calling him one of the most consequential Presidents we’ve had:

He’s right (Obamacare, marriage equality, saving us from financial disaster, etc.), but consequential doesn’t always mean “good.” One of those significant consequences is the breaking up of thousands of families through deportation. Yes, Obama did give us DACA, but that still doesn’t change the fact that Obama is on pace to deport more undocumented immigrants than the previous 19 presidents COMBINED. (Meanwhile, Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to nearly 3 million undocumented individuals.) So, no, perhaps a wall can’t contain the American Dream, but Obama and ICE certainly can — and have.

Obama’s familiar with the term “Deporter In Chief.” Jorge Ramos has called him that to his face. The National Council of La Raza has done the same thing. It’s a well-earned title. After all, he’s not just going after immigrants with a criminal record — the kind Donald Trump is using as an example to scare off old white people — he’s also going after families and children. Even worse, he’s going after children while they’re on their way to school! Yes, Obama, this is as much part of your legacy as making it easier for millions of people to get affordable healthcare.

Democrats need to do better. Just speaking Spanish isn’t going to cut it.

Ever since Hillary Clinton picked Tim Kaine to be her VP running mate, the media won’t shut up about how this is gives them a huge advantage with the Latino community. Yeah, it helps, especially with older Latinos who still watch Univision or Telemundo, but speaking Spanish alone doesn’t really mean as much as people think it does. (After all, you can speak Spanish and still be an awful piece of sh*t.)

The point is this: The Democratic Party has done the bare minimum for the Latino community, especially in terms of immigration, the one issue they seem hellbent on making into OUR issue. Comprehensive immigration reform is part of Clinton’s platform — and Tim “Daddy” Kaine will be her point person on this — but that’s just a promise, which doesn’t mean anything. In 2008, Obama made the exact same promise and nothing has come of it.

The Democrats are hoping that Donald Trump’s saying blatantly racist things will be enough to get your vote. (It’s hard to argue against voting for the candidate that doesn’t think you’re a rapist or a drug dealer). But don’t make it easy for them. Call them out. Be skeptical and doubtful. Don’t let Clinton and her supporters forget that she supported the building of a border fence in 2006, or that she said that Central American kids escaping violence should be sent back. Sure, politicians can evolve on the issues — which does appear (hopefully) to be the case with Clinton and immigration reform — but the best way to make sure that people deliver on their promises is to hold their feet to the fire.

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Barack Obama Opened Up About How The White House Strained His Marriage To Michelle— “my heart would suddenly tighten”


Barack Obama Opened Up About How The White House Strained His Marriage To Michelle— “my heart would suddenly tighten”

In Barack Obama’s newest 768 page memoir, A Promised Land, the former president sheds some light on his covetable marriage to his wife Michelle Obama. In the honest memoir, the former president recalls the moments that threatened the strength of his marriage to the former first lady recalling how he consulted with his wife about running for president when it was already too late; he’d already done quite a bit of work without telling her.

“She gave me a hard look and got up from the couch. ‘God, Barack…When is it going to be enough?'” Obama explained in the memoir. “Before I could answer, she’d gone into the bedroom and closed the door.”

Speaking about their marriage in the memoir and with People Magazine for a new interview, Obama explains how his role as president created a rift in their relationship that he thought was once impossible to repair.

Obama explains that his time in the White House was wracked with marital tension.

“Michelle very much believed in the work I did but was less optimistic about what I could get done. … She’s more skeptical about politics and more mindful of the sacrifices to the family,” he revealed.

Still, Obama says “I think we came out of it whole… There were great joys in the White House. There was never a time where we didn’t recognize what an extraordinary privilege it was to be there. Most importantly, our children emerged intact and they are wonderful, kind, thoughtful, creative — and not entitled — young women. So that’s a big sigh of relief.”

In an interview with People, Obama opened up about the part his role as president had on affecting the happiness of his wife and the former first lady.

People describes politics as “a blood sport” which Michelle Obama always hated and how Obama’s “preternatural ease” contributed to the feelings of loneliness she felt while in the White House.

“There were times where I think she was frustrated or sad or angry but knew that I had Afghanistan or the financial crisis to worry about,” Obama explaned, “so she would tamp it down.”

Addressing a passage in his latest memoir, Obama recalled “There were nights when lying next to Michelle in the dark, I’d think about those days when everything between us felt lighter when her smile was more constant and our love less encumbered,” he writes, “and my heart would suddenly tighten at the thought that those days might not return.”

Fortunately, People asked if they ever found their way back to those days.

“We did,” Obama told the magazine. “It was like a big exhale right after we left office… It took some time to talk about how she had felt… Once [the presidency] was done, there was possibility of her opening up … but more importantly, just her being able to let out a breath and relax.”

Obama shared that these days the former First Lady is “more relaxed and more joyful since we left office.” The resulting effect has been that it has allowed the Obamas “to just enjoy the deep love that comes with a marriage this long. But also to be friends again.”

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Ricky Martin Says That It Is ‘Super Sad’ For Him To See Latinos Voting for Donald Trump


Ricky Martin Says That It Is ‘Super Sad’ For Him To See Latinos Voting for Donald Trump

Ricky Martin says when it comes to the Latino support of Joe Biden for president, voters bang. He also says those who are voting for Donald Trump completely bomb.

In an interview with The Big Ticket podcast, the “Livin La Vida Loca” singer highlighted the importance of voter turnout and laid out his reasons for giving former Vice President Joe Biden his own vote.

Speaking to The Big Ticket, Martin underlined his efforts to see change this year.

“I’ve been supporting Biden forever,” the singer shared on the podcast. “I think he is the only option we have and he is great. He has been in politics all his life. This is the moment. We all need to get together and be loud about the course of this nation.” For Martin, it seems that the backing of Biden by the Latino community is especially important and seeing anything less is something he truly cannot understand. Martin went so far as to highlight his disbelief in seeing Wanda Vázquez, the current governor of Puerto Rico, endorsing Trump this year.

“Who is that? Next!” he exclaimed during the podcast. “She doesn’t even exist. She wasn’t even elected by the people. She’s not part of this conversation.”

Trump went onto call Latinos in the United States who support Trump “really scary.”

When asked about Latinos in the United States who support Trump, Martin said it’s “really scary” to see but he remains positive that the majority of Latinos will vote him out of office.

“It’s really scary,” he said, before commenting that he does think that the majority of Latinos will vote for Biden. “It’s super sad. I think. Trumpeters make a lot of noise. And it’s scary to see their enthusiasm but us, we’re doing what’s right, the right way and we’ll see what happens in November. But I’m very optimistic.”

“I am a Latino, gay, married to an Arab living in Trump’s America,” he said about his husband Jwan Yosef, a Syrian-born, Swedish painter Marin married in 2017. “We check all the boxes.”

Martin’s comments come at a time when Trump continues to receive support from Cubans in Florida.

The battleground state has seen Cuban Americans, who often vote Republican, make last-ditch efforts to reelect Trump. “Florida’s Cuban American voters remain a bright spot in Trump’s effort to retain his winning coalition from 2016,” ABC reported. “Polls show his strong support from these key voters may even be growing to include the younger Cuban Americans that Democrats once considered their best hope of breaking the GOP’s hold. For Trump, that support could prove essential in a tight race in a state he must win to beat Democratic challenger Joe Biden.”

Referring to the increase in early voters this year, Martin says he’s happy to see voters turning out. “For that, I’m extremely happy,” he explained. “We’ve had plans of if we might leave the country. No, we have to stay here and fight for our rights and for what we believe.”

You can check out Martin’s full interview with The Big Ticket on Nov. 3.

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