Jimmy Kimmel Asked Obama If He Wished He Could Run Against Trump

“At least I will go down as a president.”

President Obama only has a few months left in the White House, but he’s still got plenty of work to do. Obama, who is using some of his time to campaign for fellow democrat Hillary Clinton, appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to talk about Snapchat, the Chicago Cubs and Donald Trump. And, of course, he took time out to read a few mean tweets.

During the interview segment, host Jimmy Kimmel asked Obama if he ever just watches Trump and laughs. Obama replied:

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Kimmel followed up with a few questions about Trump’s “Access Hollywood” debacle with Billy Bush. When asked if he thought it would become such a big deal for Trump, Obama’s answer was short and sweet: “Well… didn’t you?”

Kimmel then asked Obama if he wished he could run against Trump. Instead of continuing to joke around, Obama got serious.

Obama reiterated that Trump’s gruff style makes him unlike any other candidate Americans have previously seen: “If you are willing to say anything and do anything even when it undermines everything that’s been built by previous generations, you know, that’s a problem. And that’s why I take this election very seriously.”

Kimmel joked that Trump’s campaign wasn’t a complete failure: “One thing you have to take away from Donald Trump is that you can make a lot of money selling hats.”

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