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If You Can Finish a 30-Pound Burrito, This Restaurant Will Make You Part Owner

This is Don Chingon. It’s a Mexican restaurant in New York City that just opened up.


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They’re already giving their customers a chance to own 10% of the restaurant. But of course, there’s a catch. A big one.

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In order to get your piece of the restaurant, you have to defeat their “Big Chingon” challenge:


You have to finish a 30-POUND burrito without any bathroom breaks (or vomiting).

For just $150, you get crack a this thing.

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Wondering how it’s made? They use two 3-pound flour tortillas…

Credit: NY Daily News

10 pounds of pork and chicken drowned in 5 pounds of avocado salsa…

Credit: NY Daily News

5 pounds of rice and 4 pounds of cheese…

Credit: NY Daily News

Aaaaand a pound of salsa.

Credit: NY Daily News

Looks impossible to finish, right?

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 3.26.14 PM

Credit: NY Daily News

That’s because IT IS impossible.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 3.26.59 PM
Credit: NY Daily News

Don Chingon owner Vic Robey says he created the challenge by doubling the current world record for the largest burrito eaten: 14.25 pounds. The record is held by champion competitive eater Joey Chestnut (yep, the hot dog guy). George Shea, the chairman of Major League Eating, told the New York Daily News: “Obviously, it’s an interesting competition because it is so outrageous — no one can eat 30 pounds of anything in one sitting. We would never sanction any such event because there are no safety measures in place.”

So go ahead and give it a shot, but no matter big of a dent you make in that 30-lb monster, chances are you’ll end up like this:


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Things You Find in Every Mexican Kitchen


Things You Find in Every Mexican Kitchen

Credit: @ladytiger26 / Twitter

Your mom’s comal is always ready for standby.

Credit: wearemitu / Facebook

Your Mexican kitchen isn’t complete without it.

Mom meant serious business when it came to her kitchen curtains.

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She’d wash and swap them out every couple of weeks.

Decor was basically a complete lie… Everything was fake.

Credit: spend1dayinmysh8es / Tumblr

Fake fruit, fake flowers. They collected dust and smelled so weird.

Your fridge was covered in these…

Credit: eBay

Why so much fake fruit?

Mom held on to expired food.

Credit: @bigmike_394 / Instagram

Because “todavía está buena.”

Of course, you couldn’t open the fridge without seeing this…

Credit: @mer2111 / Instagram

All kinds of recycled containers. We call it Mexican Tupperware.

It’s not a Mexican kitchen without a Mexican calendar.

Credit: @monicapalaciosrios / Instagram

To remind your mom of all your cousin’s birthdays.

Salt shakers held more than salt.

Credit: @miica_56 / Instagram

Like random grains of rice.

Yeah, we have Tapatío and Valentina, but raw chiles were always available.

Credit: @treehuggertoni / Instagram

Because you never know when you’ll need more chile.

Let’s be real, mom used it to fake homemade salsa.

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#molcajete #salsa #tacos 👌

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She never really used the molcajete.

There was always imported cheese.

Credit: @jlhairpalace / Instagram

Your tíos smuggled it every time they crossed the border.

For some reason, the stove was covered in foil.

Credit: wearemitu / Facebook

It’s the equivalent of plastic wrapped sofas.

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