Now’s a Good Time to Revisit the Time Chris Rock Said Mexicans Don’t Get Enough Love from Hollywood

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This year’s Academy Awards host, comedian Chris Rock, has never shied away from controversy. During his forthcoming Oscars monologue, expect Rock to fire several shots at the Academy about the glaring whiteness of the nominees and Hollywood in general. It won’t be the first time Rock addresses the topic: in 2014, he wrote an essay for The Hollywood Reporter, detailing his thoughts about the lack of minority representation in Hollywood.

He explained why he was so grateful that established comedians such as Eddie Murphy helped him out:

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After breaking down why Hollywood remains a “white industry,” Rock had a question about Mexicans:

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YEP. He said, “You’ve got to TRY not to hire Mexicans.”


Rock elaborated on what he meant by “slave state.”

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Mr. Rock, there are more than just Mexicans in Los Angeles, but we get the point.

He wasn’t done there. Rock continued…

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Mr. Rock, meet The Rock:


Read the rest of Chris Rock’s essay @ The Hollywood Reporter.

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This Vending Machine Needs to Exist Outside Every Club

food and drink

This Vending Machine Needs to Exist Outside Every Club

Credit: @jacobaallen / Instagram

It’s everything we ever needed in life.

Chips, the way you like them.


Credit: @mmy2kings / Instagram

Drenched in chile y limón ??.

Pozole to cure or prevent a nasty hangover.

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Otra razón más por la cual amo el invierno. #pozole

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Perfectly located outside a club or outside a 7-11.

Fresh tortillas.


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All you need is a pack of salt and you’re good to go.

Dulce de chile.


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Because no one else has it on demand.

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Raw eggs.

Credit: @mpitsheva / Instagram

To rid yourself of bad vibes or get back at your stupid ex.

Tequila, the good kind.

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With the option of adding Squirt.

Michelada if you’re into something lighter.

Credit: @c.r.a.v.i.n.g.s / Instagram

Con chamoy ?.

Elote preparado.

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And in this perfect world you’d be able to select your toppings.

Guacamole without the extra fee.

Credit: @playhardgetfit / Instagram

And it’s always ripe.

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Mango con chile.

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#mexicanmango #yumyum #loveit #mangoconchile

A post shared by Ricardo GC (@ricardogcastelo) on

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You can also tell them how much (or how little) chile you want.

Chocolate Abuelita.

Credit: @hillsidecoffee / Instagram

Because a PSL never gets the job done.

Eye makeup kit complete with a brow pencil and eyelash glue.

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When your eyebrow sweats off at the club.

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