Kiss California Goodbye, Latinos Have Taken Over

Have you heard? Latinos now outnumber whites in California.

They’re all probably celebrating their takeover…

Credit: Old El Paso / YouTube

I mean, what’s next?

Pretty soon, they’re going to start naming streets after Latinos.


Then they’ll start giving cities Latino names…

Photo Credit: dougtone/ flickr

Before you know it, half of the counties in California will have Latino names!

Credit: city-data.com

Then they’ll start naming schools after Latinos…

Photo Credit: HMCArchitects / Sonia Sotomayor Learning Academies

And selling tacos at baseball games…

Credit: William B. / Yelp

Then our beloved sports teams will change their names…

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Oh, all of that already happened? Hmm…

Credit: DC Comics / Hanna Barbera / Reddit
Photo Credit: Library of Congress / Wikimedia

Wait –– Romualdo Pacheco was elected governor of California in 1875?

Looks like these Latinos have been in California for a very long time.

Credit: Adult Swim / Reddit