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Kiss California Goodbye, Latinos Have Taken Over

Los Angeles May Day march
Amit / Flickr

Have you heard? Latinos now outnumber whites in California.


Scary, right?  There are now 14.99 million Latinos in California, edging out 14.92 million whites. Although it was announced this year, the Census Bureau says the scales tipped towards Latinos in July of 2014.

They’re all probably celebrating their takeover…

Old El Paso Both GIF
Credit: Old El Paso / YouTube

I mean, what’s next?

Pretty soon, they’re going to start naming streets after Latinos.

#picoblvd #Picó #boulevard #santamonica #losangeles #street

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That's our name! #SF #thatsmyname #guerrerostreet

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Then they’ll start giving cities Latino names…

Ventura Los Angeles sign
Photo Credit: dougtone/ flickr

Before you know it, half of the counties in California will have Latino names!

California County Map


Then they’ll start naming schools after Latinos…

Sonia Sotomayor Learning Academies
Photo Credit: HMCArchitects / Sonia Sotomayor Learning Academies

And selling tacos at baseball games…

AT&T Park Mexican Food
Credit: William B. / Yelp

Then our beloved sports teams will change their names…

Oh, all of that already happened? Hmm…

Batman Hmm GIF
Credit: DC Comics / Hanna Barbera / Reddit
Romualdo Pacheco
Photo Credit: Library of Congress / Wikimedia

Wait –– Romualdo Pacheco was elected governor of California in 1875?

Looks like these Latinos have been in California for a very long time.

Tim  Eric Mind Blown GIF
Credit: Adult Swim / Reddit


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By Calling Her "Estupida," Fox News Proves To Be "Estupida"


By Calling Her “Estupida,” Fox News Proves To Be “Estupida”

Ariana Grande Fox News
Larry Busacca / Getty, uncleboatshoes / flickr

It’s been a tough week for Ariana Grande, who was caught on video committing the gravest of sins: licking donuts that she had NO INTENTION OF EATING.

Ariana Grande Licking Donuts
Photo Credit: TMZ

Donut blasphemy. Oh, she also said “I hate America.” That’s bad, too.

Fox News wasn’t happy about it. During an appearance on Fox & Friends, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham called Grande “another spoiled, entitled pop princess.” After calling Grande’s music “stupid,” Ingraham ended her criticism of the pop star by saying: “Estupida!”

Credit: Fox News / StewieBolisᴴᴰ96 / YouTube

Why? Presumably, because she thought Grande was a Spanish-speaking Latina. 

Ariana Grande GIF

Either that, or Ingraham prefers firing shots at people en Español.

But Grande was born to parents with Italian roots. She also apologized for licking those poor donuts.

Credit: Honeymoon Diaries / YouTube