North Carolina Republican Party Embarrassed Themselves On Twitter

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The North Carolina Republican Party is responsible for the bigoted transgender bathroom law, Gov. Pat McCory and, now, this insensitive, no good tweet. Somehow, they managed to confuse the Blue Star Banner, meant to represent families with active military fighters, with the Honduran flag because Tim Kaine once helped the Latin American country. When they decided to attack the Democratic VP candidate, the NC GOP stayed true to form and just attacked first before even doing the smallest bit of research.

Following Tim Kaine’s speech at the DNC, @NCGOP “cleverly” attacked him for not wearing an American flag on his lapel.

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They have since deleted the tweet because, well, it is inaccurate and offensive af!

But for a brief moment, the NC GOP folks were sitting kind of like this.

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Just picture it. A room of white, Southern men celebrating the fact that they “caught” the Democratic VP candidate proudly wearing a pin that wasn’t the U.S. flag.

Enter the Twitter investigators we have all come to love and adore.

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And they went right to work tearing the tweet apart!

@BenAmeyTV was the first to call them out on their inaccurate tweet.

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Oh sh*t, now!

At first, the people responsible for the tweet thought they could just delete it and move on.

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But we all know how Twitter really works, don’t we?

After the tweet was deleted, people started to spread the distasteful tweet all over the place.

They were dragged every which way.

The tweet was added to a growing list of less-than-perfect scenarios created by the North Carolina Republican Party.

They were even called out on their obvious lack of knowledge about the military.

People were demanding that the group apologize.

Btw, that “corrected our mistake” was simply about them deleting the tweet and trying to ignore it.

Finally, after more than 12 hours of public scrutiny, the North Carolina GOP finally owned up to their mistake and apologized.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.38.58 AM
Credit: Dallas Woodhouse / North Carolina Republican Party / Facebook

“As the Executive Director of the North Carolina Republican Party, we offer our sincere and unqualified apology for the mistake made on Twitter last night regarding Gov. Kaine’s lapel pin,” Dallas Woodhouse wrote on Facebook. “The tweet was wrong on the facts, wrong in tone and should not have happened.”

But, even the apology has done little to quiet those who were not only offended, but disappointed by the North Carolina Republican Party.

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Credit: North Carolina Republican Party / Facebook

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