New Latina “SNL” Cast Member Called Out Over Controversial Tweets

Earlier this month, when “Saturday Night Live” announced one of its new cast members was Latina, many comedy/SNL fans had a this reaction:

Credit: CW / ANTM


Melissa Villaseñor, a Mexican-American from Whittier, Calif., was one of three new cast members added to the “SNL” roster.

Villaseñor, who is known as a talented impressionist, was a big hit on the show “America’s Got Talent.”

Well, the excitement has subsided a bit. Journalist Aura Bogado recently noticed Villaseñor made her account private and deleted over 2,000 tweets…

… Twitter user ReignOfApril posted screenshots from Villaseñor’s account. It contained tweets about dating black men:

Credit: @ReignOfApril
CREDIT: Credit: @ReignOfApril

About Mexicans on bikes:

Credit: @ReignOfApril
CREDIT: Credit: @ReignOfApril

And this:

Credit: @ShanelleLittle / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: @ShanelleLittle / Twitter

Some have dismissed the Tweets as the result of a young comedian — the posts are from 2010 and 2011 — trying to find her comedic voice.

Credit: mj_kosinski / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: mj_kosinski / Twitter

Bogado disagrees.

Credit: @aurabogado / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: @aurabogado / Twitter

Villaseñor has since made her Twitter account public again. Neither she or “SNL” have made a public statement about the tweets.

Credit: melissavcomedy / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: melissavcomedy / Twitter

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10 Reasons Eduardo Yañez Is The All-Time Greatest Telenovela Hunk


10 Reasons Eduardo Yañez Is The All-Time Greatest Telenovela Hunk

teleprograma.fotogramas.com / "Corazon Salvaje" / Televisa

Before Aaron Díaz, Sebastian Rulli and even William Levy, there was Eduardo Yañez.

This Mexican stud became a household name in the late ’80s with his first leading role as Manuel Fortuna in “Senda de Gloria.” Since, he’s starred in countless telenovelas, TV shows, and movies, becoming the perfect eye candy for mamá, tía and abuelita.

Most recently, he reminded us of his sexiness in the movie “Ladrones,” starring two other telenovela heartthrobs, Fernando Colunga and Miguel Varoni. Here’s why Yañez — at 56 years old — remains the all-time greatest telenovela hunk!

Yañez’s career has spanned 35 years — that alone is remarkable!

That’s more than three decades of pure hotness on the small and big screen. Gracias, Eddie, muchas gracias!

Many of his telenovela roles gave us major relationship goals.

How can anyone ever survive those steamy scenes?

We loved all of him in “Destilando Amor.” ALL. OF. HIM.

Eduardo Yañez
credit: telenovelas.com / “Destilando Amor” / Televisa

Wishing I was Angélica Rivera (yes, the First Lady of Mexico) right about now.

But nothing can ever compare to this memorable scene in “Fuego en la Sangre.”

Eduardo Yañez Eduardo Yañez
credit: youtube.com / “Fuego en la sangre” / Televisa

Never. Going. To. See. A. Concha. The. Same. Ever. Again.

Yañez has dancing moves like no other!

Where was he when I needed a chambelan for my quince?

He’s also a self-proclaimed animal lover.

Need more proof? Here’s another picture.

Who can resist a shirtless Eduardo Yañez + a puppy?! No one. 

Yañez is also a very, very, very grateful man.

Really, his Twitter account is 90 percent filled with “gracias a todos” posts.

He’s also a family man.

He would be the perfect man to take home to mom.

He adores his fans.

And we adore him back!

And he ages like fine wine!

I see you Soraya Montenegro… errr, I mean, Itati Cantoral.

In other words: Eduardo sigue siendo el rey!

A video posted by Magaly (@magalyortiz1) on

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