New Latina “SNL” Cast Member Called Out Over Controversial Tweets

Earlier this month, when “Saturday Night Live” announced one of its new cast members was Latina, many comedy/SNL fans had a this reaction:

Credit: CW / ANTM


Melissa Villaseñor, a Mexican-American from Whittier, Calif., was one of three new cast members added to the “SNL” roster.

Villaseñor, who is known as a talented impressionist, was a big hit on the show “America’s Got Talent.”

Well, the excitement has subsided a bit. Journalist Aura Bogado recently noticed Villaseñor made her account private and deleted over 2,000 tweets…

… Twitter user ReignOfApril posted screenshots from Villaseñor’s account. It contained tweets about dating black men:

Credit: @ReignOfApril

About Mexicans on bikes:

Credit: @ReignOfApril

And this:

Credit: @ShanelleLittle / Twitter

Some have dismissed the Tweets as the result of a young comedian — the posts are from 2010 and 2011 — trying to find her comedic voice.

Credit: mj_kosinski / Twitter

Bogado disagrees.

Credit: @aurabogado / Twitter

Villaseñor has since made her Twitter account public again. Neither she or “SNL” have made a public statement about the tweets.

Credit: melissavcomedy / Twitter

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