Remake Of Classic Television Show Means More Latinos On Netflix


The trailer for the upcoming Latino reboot of “One Day At A Time” was just released, and Netflix obviously spared no expense bringing the family to life. “One Day At A Time” follows three generations of a Cuban family, from abuela to the millennial teenagers, trying to live together in harmony under the same roof. More often than not, however, clashes between generations lead to tried and true sitcom misunderstandings and laughs. For anyone who grew up in a “Latino” household, the jokes might feel a little too familiar, but this is exactly why producers were attracted to this reboot.

Of the mostly Latino cast, executive producer Norman Lear told The Hollywood Reporter, “I just love the idea because I don’t see enough of that representation on the air anyplace.”


“One Day At A Time” features newcomers Isabella Gomez and Marcel Ruiz as the children as well as veteran actor Justina Machado as their mother. Oscar winner Rita Moreno plays the Cuban-born grandmother, Lydia. Several producers were pulled from other successful shows, such as “How I Met Your Mother,” but the the biggest Hollywood name on board is easily Norman Lear, who created the original show in 1975. Lear, as fans remember, is arguably one the most innovative figures television history, creating the classics “All In The Family,” “Sanford and Son,” and “The Jeffersons.” “One Day At A Time” originally ran for nine seasons, and was praised for its portrayal of a single mother trying to make the most out of life for her and her children.

Over the last few years, Netflix has become the go-to place for TV remakes.


Netflix has worked hard to bring cult classics back to life, like “Arrested Development,” “Fuller House,” and most recently “Gilmore Girls.” Some remakes have been duds, but for the most part fans have binged watch their nostalgic favorites and demanded more. The Latino version of “One Day At A Time” was originally announced in January of 2015, but whether or not fans will flock to the reimagined version of the show remains to be seen. The 13-episode season is set to air starting Jan. 6, 2017 on Netflix.

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