“Neruda” Features Gael García Bernal Chasing After One Of Chile’s Icons

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Making a movie about a poet seems like it could be a difficult sell, but in the hands of skilled, award winning Pablo Larraín, “Neruda” easily climbs to the top of this years’ finest movies.  Gael Garcia Bernal, not one to comment on his own movies, put modesty aside, saying, “I rarely dare to talk about [the quality] of films I’m in, but this, a very good film.” And critics agree. As of this post, it holds a 100 percent fresh rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. While much has been written about the life of Neruda over the years, Chilean filmmaker Larraín took a decidedly different approach to the movie, calling it the “anti-bio.” Larraín decided to refrain from making a typical “cradle to grave” movie, and instead decided to capture the poet during one of the most important, legacy defining years of his life. “Neruda” looks like a typical “cat-and-mouse” chase between a cop and a poet, but the film is about more, ultimately a story of oppression versus art. “Neruda” was released in Chile in August, and is coming to the U.S. on December 16th.

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