What is NBC Thinking? Execs are Not Impressing Hispanic Lawmakers

So, a whole lot of drama happened when Hispanic lawmakers met with NBC executives to discuss Donald Trump’s recent appearance on Saturday Night Live, or so they thought that’s what they were going to be discussing.

First and foremost, News President Deborah Turness started by calling immigrants “illegals.” A huge no-no since the correct term is undocumented immigrants, FYI. Then, it got worst.

Hispanic lawmakers wanted to know why Trump was allowed to host SNL after he called Mexicans “rapists.” They noted  that if he would have described African-Americans or Jews as so, all hell would have broken loose. The lawmakers were told that needed to be discussed with the entertainment executives, not news.

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And the news executives thought they were discussing the progress they’ve made in diversifying the news room,which wasn’t much to discuss, btw. At one point, there was so much miscommunication, that Turness started to speak Spanish. “Yo hablo Español,” she said to try to empathize with the law makers. #SMH…

“There was a lot of frustration in the room,” said Tony Cárdenas, a Democratic Representative from California. “You know that (Trump is) an issue on all of our minds and as soon as you start talking about it, you say none of the executives for the entertainment (division) are here. It was a cop out. It was disingenuous.”

Get your sh*t together, NBC.

Read more about the confusing meeting between NBC and Hispanic lawmakers here.

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