Narcos Show Off Even after They Die


Lap of Luxury in Death

In Culiacan, Mexico — the town that breeds drug lords like El Chapo Guzmán — narco culture is part of daily life. The excessive amounts of money, drugs, violence and death take center stage. But what happens after a drug lord faces their inevitable death? Where do they get buried?

Seeker Stories shows that “life” after death for these kingpins is just as luxurious and status is just as important.

“The most telling example of how Mexico’s narco wars have played out is the cemetery of known narcotraffickers where they construct huge mausoleums over gravesites.”

Some of these graves are as expensive as apartments in the town. They are so elaborate, that some house camaros, champagne and homages to women. It’s almost as if the narcos wanted to show off their power, even after death.

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