MYLA2050 Wants To Make Sure Los Angeles Grows Creatively

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My LA2050 is on a mission to make sure that Los Angeles organizations and businesses that help the community grow have the capital to maintain. There are five different goals that My LA2050 aims to help protect and advance. They want to make LA the best place to: learn, create, play, live and create.

My LA2050 wants to give Los Angeles-based organizations and businesses $1,000,000 to continue to move LA forward.

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Every year since 2011, thousands of organizations have submitted their own plans, visions and goals to further LA to becoming the city they want to see.

“We believe in the power of Angelenos to shape the future of our region,” the LA2050 website states. “We aim to ignite the creativity and passion of Angelenos to make LA’s story one of hope for all. If we don’t like what the projections are saying about our future, then we as citizens, organizations, stakeholders, and policymakers can work together toward a more successful Los Angeles – one that empowers us and takes full advantage of the potential our region holds.”

Most recently, LA2050 helped make a shady canopy a reality for the very popular and perpetually shadeless Grand Park in downtown LA.

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“Creating more shade will increase the use of the park; provide UV protection, spaces for performances and exhibitions, and more activities for children and elders,” Grand Park officials said in their proposal. “With 2.6MM+ Angelinos (sic) living more than 1/4 mile from a park and Latino, African American and Asian Americans less likely to live near parks, Grand Park provides critical access to the 31K residents (US Census) (71% non-white) 500K employees and 10MM tourists that live/work in and visit DTLA.”

The organization also helped fund Heal The Bay‘s series of messages focused on how to treat and maintain water ways in LA.

“With California experiencing record drought and the soaring financial and environmental cost of importing 80% of Los Angeles’ water supply, Heal the Bay strongly believes that local citizens should have the tools and information needed to create a sustainable water future for themselves and neighbors,” Heal The Bay officials said in their proposal.

LA2050 relies on Angelenos to vote for the projects they see as the most important and beneficial for the city they want to see LA become.

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“Tens of thousands of Angelenos have contributed to the development of a shared vision around eight indicators and five inspiring goals,” LA2050 states on the website. “The submission of more than five hundred ideas to put that vision into action, the more than 100k Angelenos who have supported these ideas, on the ground, and the early indication of progress on several key metrics make us hopeful.”

Now, we are asking that you help mitú reach its own goal to find, nurture and showcase new Latino talent.

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Mitú Accelerator is all about getting the best and freshest Latino talent a chance to show their stuff and create the kind of content that has long been missing: Latino talent. The mitú Accelerator also offers mentorship of up and coming Latino content creators. It is all about the diversification of stories and experiences.

“Our main goal: help new Latino talent to create more and better content, reach new audiences and prove that together we are the future of entertainment.”

Voting is open to the public from Oct. 18 to Oct. 25.

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The mitú Accelerator program is under the create category because, well, we want to help Latinos create some Latino content.

And, if you really want to, why not tell your friends to give us a little vote too!


Trust us. You do want to.

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Jorge Ramos' "Hate Rising" Is Like Borat, But Without The Jokes, And Even More Racism


Jorge Ramos’ “Hate Rising” Is Like Borat, But Without The Jokes, And Even More Racism


Jorge Ramos joined Stephen Colbert last night to talk about his new documentary, “Hate Rising.”

The documentary covers the current state of racism in the U.S., like the recent rise of white supremacism, the Alt-Right, and neo-Nazism, which Jorge ties directly to the rise of Trump’s presidential run. When Colbert asked, “Do you think [Trump] is just the expression of something that is already existent in our culture?” Ramos immediately responds, “It exists right now, but [Trump] has allowed white supremacist groups and neo-Nazis to express opinions and prejudices that before they were only saying to themselves.” Often times, people claim that their racism is a way to fight the politically correct thinking that is ruining this country. Others claim that their racism is a right given to them by God. Jorge Ramos knew it would be difficult to get into the minds of people that embrace these kinds of thoughts.

To get the footage he needed for “Hate Rising,” Jorge Ramos had to work in very dangerous conditions.


Jorge recounted a story of the time he went to Ohio, where he was at a gathering of about 30 neo-Nazis that were burning a swastika. Jorge’s producer and director would not let him talk the entire time they were there, about three hours. When Colbert asked why, Ramos replied, “Because it’s not safe. First of all, you don’t make small talk with white supremacists. What are you going ask them? What’s your favorite color?” Jorge also explained that his accent fed into people’s anger towards immigrants.

Speaking of dangerous places, Ramos told Colbert about the time Trump’s bodyguards tossed him out of a press conference after he attempted to ask a question.


This revelation drew gasps from The Late Show audience. This sort of comparison might seem shocking to some, but we at mitú have already dragged Trump for his similarities to other Latin American dictators.

Fusion airs “Hate Rising” Sunday, Oct. 23, in English. To watch in Spanish, you can check it out at the same time on Univision.

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