Not Male, Not Female, but Muxe, Mexico’s Third Gender

Have you heard of muxes? Let’s start with how to pronounce the word…it’s moo-shays. It translates to “woman” from the Zapotecan dialect. Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get the details.

Muxes are a “third” gender. Yep. Not male, not female, but muxe. Basically, muxes are born male but dress and live as women. Don’t be mistaken, they are not considered crossdressers or transgender.

Why have you never heard of them? Because they live in Juchitán, a small district in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Here, they have been embraced and accepted in the community where their lives have been relatively peacefully and free of discrimination for a long time.

Munchies recently published an article, “Cooking with Muxes, Mexico’s Third Gender,” where they found answers to most the questions  you have.  For example, muxes happen to be very, very good cooks. And one muxe would never, ever, have another muxe as a partner. Or that many heterosexual men in the Juchitán had their first sexual encounter with a muxe. And that they lead happy lives cooking and selling their food.

To learn more about the muxes, read the full article here.

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