Mr. Worldwide Finally Has His Own Star On Hollywood’s Walk Of Fame

You can now add Pitbull to the already impressive list of Latinos honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Credit: Pitbull Vevo / YouTube

Fittingly, the Miami born musician’s plaque is located just a few feet away from the star of legendary Cuban artist Celia Cruz, a hero Pitbull has admired throughout his career.

Credit: Pitbull / YouTube

Winner of multiple Grammy and Billboard awards, Pitbull’s star is just another achievement in his already impressive resume.

Credit: LaCoQuillitaLatinGrammyTV / Quote: Billboard Magazine / Univision

While known for his music, the enterprising rapper has sunk his teeth into business ventures with Voli Vodka, Dr. Pepper, Bud Light, and even Playboy.

Credit: Voli Vodka / YouTube / Quote: Business Insider

Though he has experienced astronomical levels of fame, the Cuban-American rapper (real name: Armando Christian Pérez) has not lost sight of his early days.

Credit: Pitbull Global / YouTube / Quote: People

A drug dealer until the age of 17, Pitbull credits his mother’s tough love as one of the reasons he turned his life around.

Credit: Ryan Seacrest Presents / YouTube / Quote: People 

Pitbull knows hard work is what separates those who survive from those who fail.

Credit: Pitbull Vevo / YouTube / Quote: Billboard

As his career began, he struggled to find acceptance in the industry and even his own community.

Credit: Pitbull Updates / YouTube / Quote: Pitbull: Hip Hop Biographies

He took his will to survive…

Credit: Pitbull Updates / YouTube / Pitbull: Hip Hop Biographies

And found a way to make it.

Credit: Pitbull Vevo / YouTube / Quote: EOnline

Congrats, Armando. ¡Dale!

Pitbull - trophy
Credit: Reuters / YouTube

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