Monica Puig Won Puerto Rico’s First Olympic Gold Medal And People Went Nuts

Monica “Pica” Puig made history for Puerto Rico. The 22-year-old tennis pro became the first Puerto Rican, male or female, to ever win an Olympic gold medal for the Caribbean country. Talk about a time to be alive. People from Puerto Rico couldn’t contain their excitement as they took to social media to congratulate the boricua on her historic and well-deserved victory.

Puig upset Germany’s Angelique Kerber — ranked #2 after Serena Williams — to make history at the Olympic Games.

After the final point, it looked like Puig didn’t believe she won.

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But when she took the podium, reality set in and Puig’s emotions poured out.

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Just look at that PR flag above the rest. Wepa!

“I’m speechless,” Puig, affectionately known as Pica, told NPR. “I wanted it so bad. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that this would happen.”

Despite having made Puerto Rican history, the tennis player remained humble.

Which is fine because puertorriqueños everywhere are totally bragging enough for her.

While Puig celebrated with her puppy Rio…

Credit: Monica Puig / Snapchat

Who was named after the Olympics ❤️.

People. were. HYPED!

The Puerto Rican volleyball team went nuts when they watched their girl Pica win that first gold medal.

There are so many emotions running through Puerto Ricans right now.

“This is a great day for all the Puerto Ricans that live in Puerto Rico and around the world,” Sara Rosario Velez, the president of Puerto Rico’s Olympic Committee told NPR.

And they’re all about celebrating this historic victory.

“I didn’t lose,” Angelique Kerber told ESPN. “She beat me. She played close to perfection, made very few mistakes. She was everywhere. It was impressive.”

She even became a damn Pokémon.

And, tbh, CP 2016 is pretty nice.

Way to go, Pica! You’ve made PR so proud!

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