Cuban Youth So Hungry for American Trends, They are Willing to Risk Everything


The 50 year economic embargo against Cuba made many things on the island stagnant — 0ne of those things was fashion.

Now, since Raúl Castro’s government has allowed internet use, young people are eating up what their peers are wearing around the world. They love seeing what a hipster sports in Brooklyn — flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and all.

One of these young people is Gille Mesa Valdes, a tattoo artist who travels to France and imports clothes, ink and needles. He’s been able to earn up to $50 dollars per design, which is more than a doctor makes in a month!

“They’re taking a risk because it’s toxic,” said Andy Gomez, a former University of Miami professor. “But desperation is a powerful thing. Looking in the mirror and feeling hip, attractive — and free — is an escape from the world they live in.”

Read more about the fashion in Cuba here.

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After the Humiliation You Went Through, You Won’t Be the Parent to Give Your Kids These Cuts


After the Humiliation You Went Through, You Won’t Be the Parent to Give Your Kids These Cuts

Credit: @mulletsunited / Instagram

These terrible hairstyles were the worst punishment we got from mom.

The ponytail seems innocent, until…

They would pull your hair back so tight you could pass for Asian and you’d spend the whole day like this: Too tight ponytail                                      

And it was such a feeling a relief when she’d untie your hair. Aaaahh. 

No hair, momma don’t care.

Thursday vibe?… No worries, no cares, unbothered. A photo posted by Thekidssalon (@thekidssalon) on

So what if you had no hair, that didn’t stop mami from putting a headband on you — the bigger the better. 

Chongos… Lots of them.

Credit: @mamma_teacup/Instagram

Oh, the top bun is always a mom go-to and some women never give up the chongo. Just ask J.Lo.

The nightmare of the bowl cut.

@henryyy28 you little cutie!! #bowlcut #uneven #cutest #whathappened ???? A photo posted by Taylor Jane Lee ? (@tayylor_janee) on   

Seriously, why? Why has this cut endured for so long? No one – and I mean NO one looks good in it. Mothers, please stop doing this to your kids!

Bowl cut

See? Not even a movie star can get away with this look.

Las trencitas.

#Trenzas ? A photo posted by ?Consu? (@consu_moyano98) on

Credit: @consu_moyano98/Instagram

Trenzas were cool.

La India Maria

Except for when they left you feeling like you were copying La India Maria’s style.

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Mullet à la Pedrito Fernández.

Credit: @mulletsunited/Instagram

Nope, nope, nope.

Credit: @mulletsunited/Instagram

Yup, moms even did this to their daughters. So wrong.

Our brothers always had the classic, greased back do.

My little cutie. #greaserhair #1950s #sockhop #coolhair #coolkidhair #kidhair A photo posted by @hlbayles on

Credit: @hlbayles/Instagram

So nerdy.

Then there was the hairstyle that proved mom just DGAF.

Sometimes mom was too busy so you rocked the anti-peinado or the despeinado.

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Los pelos parados with the fierce lineup.

Credit: @tony_el_barber/Instagram

Mom thought you were never to young to get lined up. She wanted to make sure you were the freshest baby on the block. 

Mom’s Tres Flores dependency was no joke.

#MRBV #TresFlores A photo posted by @lisayazzie on

She got you so hooked on Tres Flores, that when you didn’t get some put in your hair you were PISSED!

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But nothing took the cake like DIY bangs.

bad bangs

When mom cut your bags with her old rusty scissors the night before picture day and they came out all chuecas.  Vote for Pedro

Y pa’cabalarla she kept getting people to compliment you on them. As if.

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