Mama’s Boy Turned International Pop Singer: Meet Mitre

The untimely death of Mitre’s mom sent him into the darkest period of his life. The Mexican singer spoke exclusively to mitú about his journey from Mexico to Los Angeles, remembering his mom and music.

America was his beginning.


Even though he grappled being in this new land, he found strength in his mom’s teachings.


So he started writing music that meant something to him…


…and got him noticed.

Credit: mitremusic/YouTube

Mitre collaborated with Indie-darling Irene Diaz on one of his favorite songs of the album, “Casi Un Recuerdo,” a bilingual track exploring “those memories that haunt you with no remorse.”

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In all his tracks, Mitre leaves a little bit of himself behind.

He just hopes the world wants to hear more.

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