Mama’s Boy Turned International Pop Singer: Meet Mitre


The untimely death of Mitre’s mom sent him into the darkest period of his life. The Mexican singer spoke exclusively to mitú about his journey from Mexico to Los Angeles, remembering his mom and music.

America was his beginning.

Happy Bday America! Thank you for all the opportunities. #4thofJuly #USA #MitreMusic @gibsonespanol #J200

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“After I lost my mother, I felt like I had to leave my hometown,” said Mexican-born Mitre who had a brief stint working at Sonic Ranch in Texas, the largest recording studio in the world, before making Los Angeles his home.

Even though he grappled being in this new land, he found strength in his mom’s teachings.

“It’s so important to be yourself,” Mitre’s mom taught him. “To be who you’re truly are meant to be. I’ve learned to listen to my inner voice. I always tell people listen to the music that you have in your heart.”

So he started writing music that meant something to him…

“Latinos, we have this real attachment to our mothers, so losing my mother felt like the end of the world,” revealed Mitre. “My universe collapsed. Now, I can see how it was one of the greatest gifts because the artist that I am today and this album was born in the midst of that storm.”

…and got him noticed.

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Mitre collaborated with Indie-darling Irene Diaz on one of his favorite songs of the album, “Casi Un Recuerdo,” a bilingual track exploring “those memories that haunt you with no remorse.”

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In all his tracks, Mitre leaves a little bit of himself behind.

“Everyone can find a part of me in my music,” Mitre gushes. “I think it’s the best part of me.”

He just hopes the world wants to hear more.

Para que exista música también tiene que existir silencio …

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“I want to touch people’s hearts,” says Mitre. “When people come up to me and say, ‘You’ve touched me in a way that I’ve never felt before,’ I find satisfaction in that…I want to continue doing that.”

What other Latino artist do you want mitú to profile? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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GTFO: These A**hole Fans Ruin Baseball Games


GTFO: These A**hole Fans Ruin Baseball Games

theagonyofdefeat / Tumblr

There aren’t many better ways to spend your summer afternoons than at a baseball game rooting for your favorite team while guzzling on a michelada. Mucho chile por favor! But there’s always a fan who wants to hinder your enjoyment, like these unavoidable, unmannerly fans…

Those Who Start the Wave – at the MOST Crucial Time

Credit: fansided.com

Let’s start off with the fan I hate the most. It’s the bottom of the ninth and my Dodgers are trying to rally. Suddenly some prick starts demanding we do the wave. I try to ignore the idiotic request, but still he gets half the section to stand for a half-hearted wave while I miss the most important play of the game.

The Seat Stealers

Credit: funnyordie.com

It’s always awkward to deal with these fans. You have to politely tell them – without making them feel stupid – they’ve made a “mistake.” But they’re always in denial and suddenly you’re arguing with these morons on who’s right and wrong. The only thing left to do is call an usher like they’re your elementary teacher to resolve the matter while the rest of your party stands uncomfortably munching on nachos.

The Ones Who Can’t Hold It In

Angels Pee Gif
Credit: MGM

There’s one in every row. This is the fan who makes the entire row get up every inning because he or she can’t control his or her bladder. They step on your shoes and spill beer on you on the way back. This person shouldn’t be allowed to drink if he’s not potty trained, or at least do us the courtesy of purchasing an aisle seat.

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Los Borrachos

Credit: MLB

Everyone hates these guys. They act like they chugged a bottle of Jack on their way to the game, but in reality just had a few Strawberitas – and just can’t hang. Then they buy a tall can at the ballgame and sip on it for seven innings and yell at the concession stands cashier because they stopped selling alcohol after the seventh inning. These bros spend the entire game making women uncomfortable cat-calling and shouting profanity at the outfielders.

The Obnoxious Opposing Team Fan

Credit: agaonyofdefeat / Tumblr

This loud-mouth is the cousin of the way-too-drunk punk. His mission is to get under the skin of every home team fan. He walks to his seat tugging on his jersey like he just scored the game-winning shot for his YMCA basketball team. No one pays attention to this clown so he cheers louder. Whenever his team scores he erupts like a maniac, and starts waving his hands like he’s Hulk Hogan. That’s when the beers and popcorn start flying at him and he has completed his mission.

Those Who Show Up Late and Leave Early

Credit: Lockerdome / MLB

The good thing is you only have to deal with them from innings three to seven. They don’t talk to you or interact with you in any way, but their lack of appreciation for the game just rubs you the wrong way. Don’t get me started on how ticked off I get when they leave after the seventh-inning stretch during a 1-1 tie game.

The I’m-Only-Here-for-the-Gram Fan

Credit: drawntomlb / Tumblr

These fans only tag along because it gives them a chance to hashtag away and update their Instagram feed. They constantly add to their 233 second Snapchat story. You’d think most of these fans would be women, but many men in tank tops and cargos are guilty of this ballpark crime.

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The Fans Who Giggle Over Cute Players

Credit: drawntomlb / Tumblr

They see a baseball player’s mug shot on the jumbotron and it’s love at first sight. They start using words like “OMG” and ask 21 questions about their new crush. Crushing on one player is fine, but when they start falling for every guy and all they care about is how their butts look in the uniforms that’s when it becomes annoying.

The Couples with Kiss Cam Dreams

Credit: groundbreaking / Tumblr

Everyone loves the comedy the kiss cam brings; like the boyfriend who licks his girlfriend’s face or when the camera guy mistakes siblings for a couple. It’s funny at first, but then there’s the couple that locks eyes and make out like there’s no tomorrow. That’s when your girlfriend turns to you and asks “why don’t you ever kiss me like that?” All bad.

15-seconds of Jumbotron Fame Whores

Credit: bobbleh34d / Tumblr

No need to say more.

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The Know-It-All Fan Who Knows Nothing

Credit: drawntomlb.com

Someone shouts “Hey, take off that jersey. That guys sucks.” You try to ignore this d-bag, but he somehow sucks you into a conversation on why the player whose jersey you’re wearing stinks. He’ll call Clayton Kershaw “Clay Carshaw” and throw out inaccurate stats on why he’s overrated. Just walk away. You’ll never win this battle.

The Aggressor

Fighting Gif
Credit: andjosephforall / Tumblr

This scum bag ruins it for everybody. He – or she – will pick a fight over everything. You stepped on my shoes. Your team sucks. It’s a game, relax. Stay AWAY from these hotheads.

Gilberto Manzano is a contributor for mitú and an editor for Around The NFL at NFL.com.

What’s your pet peeve at a baseball game? mitú wants to know. Share in the comments below.