Steve Harvey Screwed Up at Miss Universe 2015 and Twitter Won’t Let Him Live

Poor Steve Harvey. The world watched as he mistakenly named Miss Colombia as the winner of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant.

When Harvey paused the celebration to apologize for his mistake, everyone reacted like the real winner, Miss Philippines:


Of course, Twitter went nuts. Some people thought a fight would break out over the crown…

But it was Steve Harvey was the one who was roasted over and over on Twitter.

Some wondered if an apology would be effective…

While others paid their final respects.

A few people hoped Harvey would get an Oscar hosting gig:

Some speculated Harvey would be a terrible Who Wants to Be a Millionaire contestant…

Others offered some help.

Of course, Crying Michael Jordan made an appearance.

And someone re-imagined Harvey’s Wikipedia bio.

Credit: @SpencerAlthouse / Twitter

This guy said Harvey could drop the mic by doing this:

And someone else empathized with Harvey, reminding us we’ve all been through this:

Harvey may have thought he was safe on Monday… but no:

But it was all worth it because he was inducted into the Internet meme hall of fame.

What really matters though is that Harvey apologized for his mistake…


And misspelled Philippines and Colombia.


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11 Unwritten Latino Rules for the Holidays


11 Unwritten Latino Rules for the Holidays

@theshedisbuilt / Instagram

These unwritten Latino rules cannot be ignored during the holidays.

Wrapping paper is sacred.

wrapping paper meme

When unwrapping a gift, you are to do it delicately so that the wrapping paper can be used again and again and again.

You have to have a comeback every time you’re asked this…


Because all Latinos know that holiday season coincides with “y tu novio” season. So you better come prepared.

¡Adiós a las dietas!


The diet goes out the window.

Watch out for choking hazards.

Seriously, you never know when you might bite into a baby Jesus.

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You get what you get and you don’t get upset.


Really, there’s no point in writing a Christmas wish list because you’re probably getting something that’s been re-gifted.

Speaking of… exchanges and returns are out of the question.


It’s rude to return or exchange regalos, that’s why you simply regift the ones you don’t like. So much more thoughtful.

There’s only one thing on the menu.

And guess what? No one is complaining.

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Christmas dinner is a 7-hour commitment.


Better bring your jammies.

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