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Have You Heard about the Latino Twins Born in Different Years?

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Jaelyn Valencia and Luis Valencia Jr. are twins — twins born in DIFFERENT years.

That’s right. These two little tykes born in San Diego were just two minutes apart, but those two minutes proved to make a big difference on their birthdays. Jaelyn Valencia was born at 11:59 p.m. Dec. 31, 2015 and her twin brother, Luis Valencia Jr., was born at 12:01 a.m. Jan. 1, 2016. Can’t even imagine the “I’m older” convos that will happen with these guys.

The twins were not due until the end of January, but parents Maribel and Luis Valencia were called in to the San Diego Kaiser Permanente Zion Medical Center on New Years Eve because Luis Jr. was in a breeched position.

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BUT! That’s not all.  The times of the births might make Jaelyn Valencia the last baby born in San Diego County in 2015 and Luis Valencia Jr. might be the first baby born in San Diego County for 2016.

While the family is all smiles now, Luis Valencia is worried about the future. “[Maribel] really wanted to have the babies on the same birthday because you know later on in the years, they’re going to have a little confrontation and be like, ‘my birthday came first,’ so it means two birthday parties, back to back,” Luis Valencia told NBC 7 San Diego.

You can read more about the twins born a ‘year’ apart here.

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This Explains Why Latinos are Better at Kicking A** on Monday Than Anyone Else


This Explains Why Latinos are Better at Kicking A** on Monday Than Anyone Else

Credit: @gerris909 / Instagram

Monday, bring it. We Latinos have the tricks to get through anything.

Get Musically Lifted

We complain when ma wakes us on Saturday mornings with the sound of the vacuum and salsa music blasting through the speakers. But on a day like this, we appreciate how mom’s good music taste starts us off on the right foot ?.



Nothing is a better buffer to Monday than a bowl of hot, steaming menudo — and it’s not painful to look at either.

Protein Punch

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five of these bad boys #chorizoconhuevos

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This, right here, is the true breakfast of champs. No one and nothing can mess with you after feasting on this ancestral meal that powered our people for generations.

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Happy Hour for Breakfast

Ya, these are normally for Sunday crudas, but just skip on the alcohol and it’s a bonafide Monday morning party.

Two Words: Pan Dulce

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Bring a dozen into the office and everyone will love Mondays like you.

Café – the REAL Stuff

Credit: @gyupit / Instagram

Forget that mini cup, instant fake stuff. This comes with super natural powers strong enough to wake the dead.

Credit: @huneeybee / Instagram

While everyone else is turning to basic sandwiches, we’ve got these little presents to unwrap at 1 p.m.

iPod Pumped

JLo Headphones

We all know it. Latin music keeps Monday movin’.

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Limpia Mondays