Michelle Rodriguez Will Go Under the Knife in Gender-Reassignment Drama ‘Tomboy’

Michelle Rodriguez, known for her bad-ass roles in Hollywood, is set to star alongside Sigourney Weaver in the gender-swapping drama Tomboy, A Revenger’s Tale as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. The film will be directed by Walter Hill.

Fast and Furious fans will be in for a shock this time around because Rodriguez will play a male assassin who falls into the hands of a scalpel-wielding surgeon who transforms the character into a woman — WHAT?! The whole concept is a bit skirmish, but let’s not forget that Pedro Almodovar had great success with his psychological thriller The Skin I Live In, also centered on a gender-reassignment surgery.

And for those of you thinking this is a stretch for Rodriguez considering her normal action roles in films like Fast and Furious, Resident Evil and Machete, don’t forget she’s also played the concerned BFF in Blue Crush and a cool cartoon in Turbo. Looks like she can balance action hero with the emotional roles just fine.

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