Don’t Think Michelle Rodriguez is Tough? Watch Her Drink Her Own Pee

It’s no secret that Michelle Rodriguez is tough.

Credit: Universal / Tumblr

She’s played tough characters – boxers, soldiers, pilots – for most of her career.

During a recent appearance on Running Wild with Bear Grylls, Rodriguez’s toughness was put to the test.

Photo Credit: NBC

Rodriguez and Grylls needed to eat, so they boiled a mouse… in M-Rod’s urine.

Apparently, M-Rod has a very distinctive brand of urine.

Here’s a look at that delicious Mouse & Pee stew.

Rodriguez had to psych herself up for a bit…

While Grylls took the first bite.

How’d it taste, Bear?

Then Rodriguez gave it a shot.

The second bite wasn’t so bad.

And then they washed it off with some refreshing, hot urine.

Take a cue from Mexican boxer Juan Manuel Marquez. He used to drink his own pee.

And enjoyed it!

Watch the full video:

Credit: Running Wild with Bear Grylls / YouTube

Would you drink your own pee? Would you eat a mouse? Would you eat a mouse boiled in your own pee? Let us know in the comments below. 

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