1 Way Michelle Obama Shows Her Love for Latinos

Michelle Obama

Even before she lived in the White House, Michelle Obama has been showing her love to Latino designers by constantly wearing their designs. FLOTUS is loyal. She especially likes to wear Cuban designer Narciso Rodriguez, Chilean designer Maria Cornejo and Cuban-born Isabel Toledo — and note, she’s worn their labels to some of the most historical moments of the Obama administration.

Narciso Rodriguez

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Most recently, and for the last State of the Union address of the Obama presidency, Michelle chose a sleeveless, banded-bodice bright marigold dress in wool with a high neckline. The dress came from the ready-to-wear Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2015 collection. And just to prove the influence of the First Lady, the dress sold out even before Obama finished his speech.

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The First Lady wore another Narciso Rodriguez for yet another historical event. She chose a body-flattering dress in black with a fiery red design on election day 2008, the day Obama won the presidency for the first time.

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FLOTUS doesn’t just support Latino designers, she supports the entire Latino community. At a Latino Broadway celebration at the White House, she wore another red-colored Narciso Rodriguez to get her groove on.

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Maria Cornejo

MO wearing our printed dress again ?? Make sure to watch @michelleobama's video on her @instagram account!

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Michelle Obama also loves the designs of Maria Cornejo. Her designs are both sophisticated and fun. And we all know the First Lady loves bright colors.

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At a school event, the First Lady wore a bright lime-green asymmetrical shirt, matched with purple and silver accessories to have fun with the kids.

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For a family trip with her two daughters and husband, the First Lady wore a sophisticated black and white dress by Cornejo, accessorized with a thin, beaded belt.

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Isabel Toledo


For one of the most historic events of the Obama presidency, the 2009 Presidential Inauguration, FLOTUS wore a lime-green lace design by Isabel Toledo. The dress was a midi bodycon dress with a matching coat of the same length. She matched the ensemble with green leather gloves and green pumps.

By Isabel Toledo #isabeltoledo

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But it wasn’t the first time she wore an original from Toledo. The First Lady used to wear her designs even before she moved to the White House. Isabel Toledo sold her designs at Ikram, a Chicago boutique.

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The Stupidest Things You Hear from Your Non-Latino Coworkers


The Stupidest Things You Hear from Your Non-Latino Coworkers

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People freak out because we like kissing on the cheek.

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You become the official company diversity officer.

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People say things like, “I just don’t like Mexican food, no offense!”

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