Interview: Michael Peña is Just a Regular Dude Doing Extraordinary Things

Michael Peña is the first to admit that he’s one of luckiest Latinos in the U.S. Why? He gets paid big bucks to play everyday guys in movies. We caught up with Peña, who has two movies in theaters this week – Ant-Man and The Vatican Tapes – to find out what makes him tick. Here’s what we learned:

His Son Inspires His Career Choices

His Admiration for Cesar Chavez Came from His Parents

He Believes Latinos Should Be More Politically Active…

And Voting is a Way to Make Yourself Heard 

When it Comes to Acting, He Just Wants to Play Regular Dudes

Credit: Open Road Films

His on-screen roles in Crash, End of Watch and most recently The Vatican Tapes have one thing in common, all are regular people trying to make a difference. “I like playing characters that are as close to a real person as possible. Two of my favorite actors, Jack Lemmon and Dustin Hoffman always played the everyday man. There is something about an everyday man doing something extraordinary that’s just admirable. To overcome the nervousness and be brave, I’m just fascinated by that.”

Working on Ant-Man Wasn’t So Easy…

But Loyal Fans Make It All Worth It


His Acting is Influenced By EJO…

So, What’s Michael Peña’s American Dream?


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