Latinos are on Pointe with the Miami City Ballet


“It’s just you and the music and the audience, and it’s just … magic.”

Watching the dancers of the Miami City Ballet perfectly sway and spin and twirl is enchanting.

But the enchantment only happens on stage. Behind curtains, the dancers submit themselves to excruciating physical and mental demands in order to keep a centuries-old tradition alive. “That’s the challenge – hiding the pain behind the beauty. You have to maintain your body as an instrument; otherwise, everything starts to fall apart,” one of the MCB dancers said.

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In the online exclusive “Why We Dance” — part of the 30th Anniversary Season of the dance company — we get to hear more from the 51 members — some from Venezuela and Cuba — and the reason they chose such a demanding career. We’ll also get to hear the story of the Artistic Director, cuban-born Lourdes Lopez, who danced for the New York Ballet for 24 years.

“Ballet is so hard. It’s hard on your body, and it’s hard on your mind… we’re constantly pushing ourselves,” one of the dancers said.

And another said, “There’s nothing more beautiful or more euphoric.”

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Stamp of Approval Finally Arrives for Teaching Legend Jaime Escalante


Stamp of Approval Finally Arrives for Teaching Legend Jaime Escalante

jaime escalante stamp

Jaime Escalante was a math teacher with tons of ganas, so much so that he dedicated his life to teaching calculus to underprivileged students so that they could pass an Advanced Placement test. His work inspired the acclaimed movie Stand and Deliver and now he’s being honored with a U.S. postage stamp.

“He is, without question, a very deserving subject,” said Roy Betts, a spokesman for USPS. “The legendary educator is well-known for academic excellence and working with inner-city youth to help them master calculus.”

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Although his students were accused of cheating after they passed the test, Escalante, a Bolivian native, didn’t stop teaching his students and worked tirelessly in Los Angeles from 1978 to 1991.

“We are here to help students. That is my philosophy. And that is my weak point. I put too much time into students,” he said to the Los Angeles Times in 1991.

Read more about the incredible work of the teaching legend from NBC News here.

Check Out the Commemorative Stamp Below:

jaime escalante stamp

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