Mexico’s Men And Women Were Unstoppable At The 2016 Homeless World Cup

When it comes to the Homeless World Cup, Mexico reigns supreme.

Credit: Homeless World Cup / YouTube

This past weekend, the men’s and women’s teams from Mexico claimed the Homeless World Cup championships for the second year in a row. Each team dominated their competition, with Mexico’s men spanking Brazil 6-1 and the women toppling Kyrgyzstan 5-0.

Mexico’s double victory is not only a much needed win for the country, but also for the Homeless World Cup.

Credit: Homeless World Cup / YouTube

The Homeless World Cup features 50 teams, four homeless players per team, competing for the title of champ, as well as bringing worldwide attention to the homeless problem our nations face. More than 400 games are decided in a seven-day period, each game playing out over seven-minute halves, with a one-minute break for halftime, on a field much smaller than your regulation pitch. The event attracted over 100,000 viewers worldwide.

Though the event is all in good fun, it’s nice to see Mexico bring home the win. Maybe their professional counterparts can learn a little something, considering their recent Copa América quarterfinal performance.

Credit: Homeless World Cup / YouTube

A statement released by the event’s organizers said: “Every match has been a corker, with penalty shoot-outs and cracking goals aplenty, warm hugs and handshakes and stands packed with fans cheering on their native and adopted teams.”

Check out Mexico’s women take home the victory here:

Credit: Homeless World Cup / YouTube

And the men’s victory here:

Credit: Homeless World Cup / YouTube

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