The Innocent Behind Bars: Mexico Possible PR Mess


What could generate a $150 billion industry in Mexico? Human trafficking. So, with numbers like that, how can the Mexican government claim they’re combating human trafficking successfully? Yeah…a lot of people are dubious if this claim.

In Tapachulas, Chiapas, Mexico, Luis Villagran is one of those people.  He is a passionate opponent of the way Mexico is handling the human trafficking problem for good reason. Villagran spent 12 years, 5 months and  19 days imprisoned for a human trafficking crime he did not commit. Now, he focuses all his efforts in helping others who have also been wrongly sentenced.

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He has helped people like Santa Maria Rosales who spent two years in prison serving a six year sentence after she was wrongly arrested in her home along with her husband and brother.

She had moved to Mexico from Honduras hoping to escape gang violence but was soon arrested and imprisoned. She and other female inmates, facing the same sentence, went on a hunger strike to shed light on their case and were later exonerated.

Because if cases like Rosales’s and Villagran’s, people are starting to believe Mexico, and towns like Chiapas, are imprisoning innocent people as a PR stunt.

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