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Mexico Has UberTacos And We’re Full Of Envy

Earlier today, Uber’s Mexican division made an announcement that has changed. the. game.

…In Mexico. They revealed that in certain areas — Saltillo, Torreón and Monterrey — they were launching UberTACOS.

Yep. Just like UberEATS, you call an Uber and a driver delivers food to you.

Credit: Tumblr
CREDIT: Credit: Tumblr

Many people, like this Instagram user, was skeptical. Until a driver showed up to her door with a big brown bag full of tacos.

Pensé que era broma #UberTACOS #UberMty. ??

A photo posted by Pau Abisdris (@pauabisdris) on

“I thought it was a joke,” wrote @pauabisdris.

Once word got out, the service was a hit.

#ubertacos#ubermty??? cumpliendo antojos de embarazo

A photo posted by Patty Baldovinos (@claudiapgbaldovinos) on

In Saltillo, there weren’t enough cars to fill the demand.

Mi vida resumida 🙁 #ubertacos #wheniseeyouagain???

A photo posted by Ricardo Neira (@neirablack) on

So what’s in the bag? For those in Monterrey, they got this nice little setup from La Mexicana Taqueria & Carniceria.

#uberTACOS #uberMTY ??❤️

A photo posted by Valery García (@_valerygarcia) on

It comes with tacos (obviously), a bottle of water, salsa, plastic utensils (in case you eat tacos with those) and candy (that’s a nice touch, tbh).

Here’s what those tacos look like out of the bag. BTW, those are tacos de canasta (which are steamed in a basket), which is why they look nice and sweaty.

#ubertacos en toda tu gordura

A photo posted by Gilberto De los Santos (@gilnetsonic) on

In Saltillo, they were blessed with tacos al pastor (succulent not included).

Si las buenas noches terminan con tacos, imagínense los días ?✨ #UberTACOS #UberSALTILLO

A photo posted by #InstaMau?? (@maureendevalle) on

By the look on this señora’s face, it seems like the tacos were pretty good.


A photo posted by Marina Gutierrez (@marinagutierrez8848) on

Although it will never replace the feeling of watching a taquero chop up meat in front of you (and preparing with a few swift moves), it sounds like a really good idea when you’re stuck at work and you’re tired of eating the same thing every day. So, someone, if not Uber, please find us a way to pay for taco delivery on our phones. Please?

Credit: Comedy Central
CREDIT: Credit: Comedy Central

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