Here’s the Drama that Led Up to the Firing of Miguel El Piojo Herrera

Last year, EVERYONE seemed to love Mexico soccer coach Miguel Herrera.

His team was having fun at the 2014 World Cup…


Fans couldn’t get enough of “El Piojo”…

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And his goal celebrations became one of the highlights of the 2014 World Cup.

But this summer, several incidents began chipping away at his popularity.

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In June, on election day in Mexico, he published a tweet in support of El Partido Verde.

Before the Copa America in Chile, Herrera promised Mexico would play to win the cup.

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Herrera promised this despite taking what many believed was a “B” squad with very few players – no Chicharito, no Giovani Dos Santos, no Guillermo Ochoa – from his 2014 World Cup team. Mexico did not advance past the group stage at Copa America, drawing two matches and losing one.

At the CONCACAF Gold Cup, Mexico’s lackluster performances led many to question whether Herrera’s job would be safe.

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After a 6-0 drubbing of Cuba, Mexico’s inconsistent play in following matches led to more criticism. Herrera’s job appeared to be on the line unless Mexico won the Gold Cup. Controversial refereeing decisions versus Costa Rica and Panama led to victories for Mexico, but it only gave ammo to those who believed Mexico couldn’t advance without help. Herrera brushed off the criticism.

One of the most vocal critics of Herrera was Azteca TV announcer Christian Martinoli. Here’s a tweet from Martinoli calling out Herrera:

Herrera was paying close attention.

Martinoli fired shots at Herrera for being more concerned with starring in commercials than coaching his team.

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Later, Herrera called out Martinoli during a press conference. The tension was palpable.


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When asked about how he handles media criticism, Herrera replied: “There’s only one pendejo who attacks me. You all know who it is. And one day I’m going to cross paths with him.” Herrera then added, “And there I’ll discuss it with him.”

Well, Herrera and Martinoli finally crossed paths.

And according to several reports, Herrera threw a punch at Martinoli.

Here’s video footage of the aftermath.

Credit: Univision Noticias / YouTube

Wait, is El Piojo really capable of letting his anger get out of control?

Credit: regiofutbol2014 / YouTube

Yes. Here’s footage of Herrera attacking a fan during his days as a player.

Once the news got out, the Internet had a field day with it.


Would Miguel Herrera survive the controversy? No.

Dad Of Julio Urías Got A Tattoo Honoring His Son’s World Series Win


Dad Of Julio Urías Got A Tattoo Honoring His Son’s World Series Win

Parents always find new ways to be proud of their children and how to tell the world how proud they are. This includes Julio Urías’ father who recently unveiled his newest tattoo in honor of his World Series-winning son.

Julio Urías’ dad is showing off just how proud he is of his son.

Tattoo artist Andres Ortega Rojas posted photos on Instagram showing off the tattoo. Carlos Urías forever enshrined his sons victorious lunge after Game 6 against the Tampa Bay Rays while a tattoo on his left arm.

Rojas told TMZ that the tattoo took nine hours to complete and that is was Carlos’ first tattoo. The moment captured on Carlos’ arm is one that is etched into the brains of Dodgers fans. It was the first time the Dodger has won the World Series since 1988 ending a decades-long dry spell.

The tattoo is catching everyone’s attention.

People are loving the tribute made to his son with a tattoo. It being his first tattoo is even sweeter. We all know how much our parents are anti-tattoos so seeing this happen is extra touching. Julio is framed by the flags of the Commissioner’s Trophy in the tattoo marking what is clearly Carlos’ most proud moment.

The moment marks a culmination of a long journey to athletic stardom.

Julio first pitched for the Dodgers in 2015. The Mexican baseball player was called up to join the famed baseball team. Carlos and the family made a 13-hour road trip from the Mexican state of Sinaloa to Maryvale Park in Phoenix, Ariz. It was after that long trip that Carlos got to see Julio on the field pitching against the Milwaukee Brewers.

It just goes to show you that anything is possible and that, if you work towards your goals, they can come true.

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Nike Signs This 8-Year-Old Soccer Prodigy At Younger Age Than Messi And Neymar


Nike Signs This 8-Year-Old Soccer Prodigy At Younger Age Than Messi And Neymar

Nike has long been known to scout some of the world’s greatest sports talents, especially when it comes to the world of soccer. It began with Neymar, who signed with the multinational corporation at the age of 13. That trend continued with Real Madrid’s Rodrygo, who, at the tender age of 11, became Nike’s youngest-ever affiliated athlete after dazzling at a youth tournament in New York.

But the bar has been raised once again. This time with an 8-year-old player who considered the next great prospect in Brazilian soccer.

Brazilian football prodigy Kauan Basile has signed with Nike at just 8-years-old.

Kauan Basile is just 8-years-old and he’s already playing for the Santos’ U-9 indoor football team. But now he’s just made history as the youngest player ever to sign a deal with Nike.

“I am very happy with the opportunity to play for Santos, as well as the contract. I like to play football,” Kauan Basile told Gazeta Esportiva

According to reports, the contract with Nike is guaranteed over three years, and there’s an option to extend it for two more. He’s now the youngest player in the world to sign with Nike. Even at the end of his contract, Basile will still be younger than both Messi and another ex-Santos kid, Neymar, in signing his first deal at Nike.

Messi put pen to paper on his first Nike contract aged 15, while Neymar was 13.

The kid is generating tons of buzz worldwide.

Basile’s agents, Mengoni Sports, revealed the news of the Nike deal with a proud post on social media. They wrote: “Today Kauan broke the record of being the youngest player in the WORLD by signing a contract with Nike!”

The post went on to add that “He is pure talent! He has football in the soul, in his heart and in his DNA.”

The sports world has reacted with excitement, especially across Brazil where football plays reach God-like status.

Football runs through Basile’s blood.

Like so many of football’s greats, Basile has the tradition of football in his blood. Both his father and great-grandfather both played professionally. His father Andrezinho was on the roster for Corinthians during his playing days.

And his dad couldn’t be more proud of his son going on to such major success, saying he’s ready for superstardom. He said: “He is a player with an absurd will to win. He has a lot of technical quality.”

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