These Two Latino Ethnicities Have The Highest Rates Of Chronic Illness

Many people think issues affect all Latinos the same, regardless of their country of origin. A new study just proved them wrong. According to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans have a higher rate of chronic illness than other Latinos.

Only 21 percent of Latino adults have had multiple chronic conditions, yet 27.3 percent of Puerto Rican adults have or had multiple chronic illnesses, like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension or arthritis. Three in 10 Puerto Rican adults in the U.S. suffer from such conditions. Boricuas were also twice as likely to report severe psychological distress in the past month compared to Central and South Americans. Mental health problems are higher for Puerto Ricans, too. Six percent said they endured “serious psychological distress” in the month prior, compared to 3 percent of Central or South American adults.

“Although the Hispanic population in the United States may share a common language, there is considerable variation among subgroups,” researchers pointed out.

So should Chicanos and Puerto Riqueños just curl up on the couch with Twinkies and tequila since they’re unhealthy anyway? Uh, noooo. Differences may likely stem from culture, economics and even their attitudes toward seeking out health care, so it may be more nurture than nature after all.

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