Mexicans Finally Get Mainstream Acceptance… In The Form Of The Whopperrito

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In the most unholy alliance since Donald Trump joined Twitter, Burger King has combined their Whopper with a burrito to create the Whopperrito.

Why God?

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Here’s some advice for Burger King: Figure out how to make a good hamburger before expanding your brand with this merger of meat and cultural appropriation. For those of you worried about the authenticity of this Tex-Mex product, you can relax. The Whopperrito was invented by a BK franchise out of Pennsylvania. You know, the birthplace of Tex-Mex. And I use the word “invent” loosely when describing the science that went into creating this pickle-filled abomination. I guarantee you that anyone who has ever gotten Whiz Khalifa high has made a “Whopperrito” in their own dorm-room kitchen.

“We know Tex-Mex is growing a lot… and there are not that many national chains that sell burritos,” Burger King president Alex Macedo told Business Insider.

I guess we can thank Burger King for tackling this part of the market none of us knew existed. The Whopperrito was introduced in test markets this past June, and barely two months later, it’s being sold nationwide, making it the fastest product to launch from the test phase. Maybe one day Latinos will find the same mainstream acceptance the Whopperrito is currently enjoying. But hey, maybe I’m just a naive dreamer.

Get your vapes and Pepto ready, the Whopperrito is going nationwide August 15.

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