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Mexicans Finally Get Mainstream Acceptance… In The Form Of The Whopperrito

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In the most unholy alliance since Donald Trump joined Twitter, Burger King has combined their Whopper with a burrito to create the Whopperrito.

Why God?

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Here’s some advice for Burger King: Figure out how to make a good hamburger before expanding your brand with this merger of meat and cultural appropriation. For those of you worried about the authenticity of this Tex-Mex product, you can relax. The Whopperrito was invented by a BK franchise out of Pennsylvania. You know, the birthplace of Tex-Mex. And I use the word “invent” loosely when describing the science that went into creating this pickle-filled abomination. I guarantee you that anyone who has ever gotten Whiz Khalifa high has made a “Whopperrito” in their own dorm-room kitchen.

“We know Tex-Mex is growing a lot… and there are not that many national chains that sell burritos,” Burger King president Alex Macedo told Business Insider.

I guess we can thank Burger King for tackling this part of the market none of us knew existed. The Whopperrito was introduced in test markets this past June, and barely two months later, it’s being sold nationwide, making it the fastest product to launch from the test phase. Maybe one day Latinos will find the same mainstream acceptance the Whopperrito is currently enjoying. But hey, maybe I’m just a naive dreamer.

Get your vapes and Pepto ready, the Whopperrito is going nationwide August 15.

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George P. Bush, Jeb Bush's Latino Son, Wants To Be Governor, So He's Endorsing Trump


George P. Bush, Jeb Bush’s Latino Son, Wants To Be Governor, So He’s Endorsing Trump

Credit: James Dickey/ YouTube

Poor ¡Jeb!

During the seemingly never ending Republican presidential primary, Donald Trump made it a point to humiliate Jeb Bush in every way imaginable. Trump bashed Jeb so badly that the Bush family — including both Presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush — skipped the Republican National Convention altogether. With all this bad blood between the Bushes and Trump, you’d think that George Prescott Bush, Jeb’s oldest son who also happens to be Latino, would side with his family and refuse to support Trump. You’d be wrong.

On Saturday, George P. Bush, told a room of Texas Republican activists that he’s backing the GOP frontrunner. “From Team Bush, it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but you know what? You get back up and you help the man that won, and you make sure that we stop Hillary Clinton,” the younger, Latino Bush told the cheering crowd.

But why would George P. Bush go against his family like that?

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Here’s the thing you have to know about George P. Bush: He’s a politician who more than likely has high aspirations. For years, we’ve been hearing inklings that boy George is both the future of the Bush family and Republican Party. In all likelihood, GPB is trying to follow in the footsteps of his dad and uncle, the former governors of Florida and Texas, respectively. Given that he’s currently serving as Texas Land Commissioner, it’s more likely that he’ll make his gubernatorial run in Texas.

Because this is Texas we’re talking about, and because he’s a Republican, the younger Bush has to appeal to extreme conservative voters, which is basically the same thing as Donald Trump supporters. Our best bet is that he doesn’t want Trump supporters checking their receipts when GPB runs and finding out that he didn’t back their man.

Speaking of checking the receipts…

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One of the reasons GPB has been hailed as the future of conservatism is because he’s Latino. (His mom is a naturalized Mexican citizen.) The future of Texas will be Latino, a fact that Republicans are aware of. So, while they’re taking great measures to make it really hard for Latinos to vote RIGHT NOW, they’ll need a candidate of their own who can appeal to the Latinos DOWN THE LINE.

GPB knows the importance of the Latino vote. Here he is denouncing some straight up racist comments made by a Republican during the last gubernatorial election:

“If we’re going to be successful and be considered credible in the Hispanic community, we’ve got to denounce some of the ignorant statements that are made about Hispanics and the contributions we make, whether it’s to the military, our nation’s economy or to the history of Texas.”

That quote is from 2014, but could very well apply to Trump’s blatant appeal to racists. So why isn’t he denouncing him? Oh, right. The governorship.

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