Mexicans And Mexican-Americans Should Not Stay Quiet When Faced With Hate, Says Diego Luna

Credit: Conan / YouTube

“As hate is rising, we just have to be louder.”

Mexican actor Diego Luna recently made an appearance on “Conan” to promote his latest movie, the mega-hit “Star Wars” film “Rogue One,” and somehow, the conversation turned to President-elect Donald Trump. After hearing so much about Mexicans throughout the election, host Conan O’Brien was curious about Luna’s thoughts regarding Trump. “I mean it’s sad times, but at the same time, I think it’s good because it’s asking for a reaction,” said Luna.

Luna didn’t spend all of his time talking Trump. He also described how excited his 8-year-old son became when he learned Luna was cast in the film.

“Work has always separated me [from my kids], so it was always a negative thing for my kids. It’s ‘that thing that keeps daddy away.’ This time, it was the opposite,” said Luna.

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