Mexican Sushi is a Real Thing and It *Probably* Won’t Gross Out Your Parents

You’re familiar with sushi, right?

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It comes in several shapes and forms and usually contains some sort of raw fish – tuna, yellowtail, salmon – or roe (aka fish eggs). Thank you, Japan!

Unfortunately, the idea of eating raw fish usually makes Latino parents react like this:

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Well, this dude’s got a new twist on it. It’s called MEXICAN SUSHI.

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Gerardo Vasquez is one of the sushi chefs at Culichi Town, one of several restaurants in Southern California that offer Mexican sushi. Vice’s “Munchies” series created a mini-doc about Culichi Town and its distinctive dishes. Here’s what we learned:

Culichi Town gets its name from “Culichi,” the nickname used to describe someone from Sinaloa.

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And Vasquez claims they were the first Mexican sushi spot in the US.

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So what does it look like?

There’s the Lupillo roll…

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It’s a roll with rice, cream cheese, avocado, crab, breaded shrimp, Sriracha and eel sauce.

And the Norteño roll.

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It’s a roll with shrimp, crab, serrano chile, crab salad and eel sauce. Looks a lot like a Japanese sushi roll. What makes it different?

While Japanese sushi focuses on raw fish, Vasquez notes that Mexican sushi uses cooked beef, chicken and other proteins.

They don’t just sell Mexican sushi, though. They’ve also got traditional Mexican mariscos.

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Like this plate of ceviche. For that family member that still won’t try sushi, even when you remove raw fish from the equation.

They’ve got live music to complete the restaurant’s Sinaloa vibe.

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And yes, customers can pull the band over and sing a song with ’em if they want.

People are into it. Here’s a shot of the line that you’ll find on a weekend.

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Intrigued? Watch the full video:

Credit: munchies.vice.com

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