Mexican Sports Newspaper Says To Send Salvadoran Soccer Team “To The Death Train”

After its humiliating 7-0 defeat versus Chile at this year’s Copa América Centenario, Mexico’s national soccer team is looking to regain its confidence (and its support from fans) in several upcoming World Cup qualifying matches. Although Mexico has already qualified to the next round of World Cup qualifying — nicknamed “The Hex” — coach Juan Carlos Osorio is likely hoping that a solid performance can keep Mexico’s notoriously cynical fútbol journalists from calling for his head.

Just how cynical are some Mexican soccer journalists? Ahead of El Tri’s match with El Salvador, Tiempo Real, a sports newspaper in Mexico, recently released this cover :

Credit: Tiemporeal.com.mx

“Mándenlos A La Bestia.” “Send them to La Bestia,” reads the cover.

In case you’re not familiar with La Bestia, it’s a freight train that runs from Mexico’s southern border to the United States. Thousands of migrants, many of them from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, risk their lives attempting to cross into the U.S.

Credit: Univision Noticias

It is estimated that half a million migrants ride La Bestia every year. More and more women and children are beginning to take the train ride, which consists of riding atop the train with very little food, water and little protection from the elements.

Credit: Univision Noticias

The 1,4500-mile ride is so dangerous that La Bestia is also nicknamed El Tren de La Muerte (The Train of Death). Some riders have died from falling off the train, others have been sucked into the train’s wheels.

Credit: Univision Noticias

La Bestia was also the target of the drug cartel Los Zetas, who kidnapped migrants and extorted them by threatening with rape or forcing them into sex slavery.

Yeah, that’s where Tiempo Real wants Mexico’s soccer team to send El Salvador’s soccer team.

Credit: Univison Noticias

Can you imagine what would happen if an American sports outlet wrote about the Mexican soccer team and said something like “Deport ’em all”?

Credit: Tiemporeal.com.mx

Not only does it show how cynical Mexican sports journalism can get, it also illustrates the lack of empathy that some Mexicans show for Central American migrants, who are often disrespected and dehumanized — by those in the U.S. and Mexico —  in the same way that politicians like Donald Trump disrespect and dehumanize Mexicans (and Latino immigrants). If you’re going to call out Trump and his supporters on their s**t, make sure you’re not turning around and doing the same thing.

Watch Univision’s report on La Bestia:

Credit: Univision Noticias / YouTube

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