Mexican Soccer Player Says He’s Not Gay, But if He Was, You Shouldn’t Care

This is Jonathan dos Santos.

He plays for Mexico’s national soccer team.

And he’s the younger brother of Mexico standout Giovani dos Santos.

Jonathan also plays for Villarreal of La Liga in Spain.


Recently, the Mexican gossip magazine TV Notas reported that Jonathan was gay.

Credit: TVNotas

According to the story, dos Santos has been in a seven-month relationship with Villarreal teammate Mateo Musacchio.


And here’s the SMOKING GUN: Instagram photos!

Credit: TVNotas

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Yep, photos like this one:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Mateo Musacchio 🇦🇷 (@mateomusacchio)

And this one:


That’s it, TVNotas? They take photos together?

After the story sparked a buzz on social media, dos Santos stepped in right away to nip it in the bud:


Translation: GOT ‘EM.

Well done, Jonathan.

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