Here’s Proof That Mexico Fans Make Fútbol More Fun

When you watch a Mexico fútbol match, you know part of the fun comes from watching fans of El Tri. They dress up in eye-catching costumes, sing their hearts out and bring lots of signs for everyone to read.

Most fans use signs to support El Tri or to send out saludos to their families…

Others use their signs to talk a little trash about Mexico’s opponents…

Credit: BigSoccer.com

But let’s be honest, Mexicans love to troll the s**t out of everyone. So you’ll see people sending out messages like these:

Credit: Referee / Facebook

This guy is letting his mom know he made it across the border safely.

And these:

Credit: Pancho Villa’s Army / Facebook

You know when El Chapo escaped prison, Mexicans couldn’t resist poking fun at it.

Sometimes, you’ll read a marriage proposal…

Credit: Pancho Villa’s Army / Facebook

Or a trade offer.

Credit: Referee / Facebook

Must be easy to make this offer when you don’t have an actual girlfriend.

Recently, Donald Trump has become the favorite target of Mexico fans. These fans had a brief message for Trump:

Credit: BigSoccer.com

This fan used Trump’s words against him:

This kid took some extra precautions before going to a stadium filled with thousands of Mexicans…

Credit: @b3am / Instagram

These guys decided to kill two birds with one stone…

Credit: BigSoccer.com

And this guy boiled down his dislike for Trump with a simple hashtag.

Credit: Pancho Villa’s Army / Facebook

And when Mexicans aren’t trolling people at soccer games, they’re doing it at baseball games. ???

Credit: @yaquis_oficial / Twitter

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