Turns Out The Worst Punishment For Cartel Members Isn’t Prison, It’s Forcing Them To Wear Lingerie

After watching Mexican cartels terrorize Mexico, a Mexican marine isn’t letting them face the justice system without taking matters into his own hands — by shaming them with sexy lingerie.

Lingerie. En serio.

Erick Morales Guevara, also known as “The Hammer,”  “El Marino Loko” or “Señor Thor,” was so fed up with everything the cartels were getting away with that he struck back by humiliating cartel members, ordering his captures to wear lacy outfits and, on occasion, kiss each other.

Because Mexican men can be extremely macho, having their picture taken while wearing a lacy top is probably even more embarrassing than actually being captured by the authorities. Breitbart published the picture of a masked Señor Thor next to a captured man flaunting a black eye to match the nighty.

But his doings have not gone unnoticed by the cartel. After a raid of a property owned by Silvestre “El Chive” Haro Rodríguez, leader of the Gulf Cartel in Tampico — where the marine defaced a picture of the leader’s father and tampered with his ashes — the cartel put up banners claiming Morales Guevara was under their payroll.

However, Mexican authorities have moved the marine to another part of the country where they say “he is currently ‘having fun’ in the Mexican state of Michoacán, where he continues to capture and cross-dress his victims.” Payback’s a b*tch.

Watch the clip below and read more about this courageous marine here.

Credit: Bob Price / YouTube

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