Mexican Immigrant Wins $7 Million Jackpot, Keeps Cooking Job

What does a Mexican immigrant cook do after he wins a $7 million jackpot?

Eduardo Reyes, from Staten Island, took a day off from his job as a cook at Colonnade Diner on March 16th. He was running errands in Manhattan when he popped into a liquor store and bought $50 worth of Golden ticket scratch-offs.

Days before his purchase, he had a bit of a premonition: “I had a dream two days before that I had a lot of money,” Reyes told Univision. His dream probably looked a little something like this:

Credit: Duck Tales / Disney / randar / Tumblr

Walter Mercado, someone might be coming for your job.

Thirty two years ago, Reyes immigrated to the states and started working in restaurants as a dishwasher earning $160 a week. His hard work later earned him a promotion to cook.

While accepting his ginormous check of $4.36 million, after taxes, he said: “I have always worked hard my whole life.” As of now, he has no plans of quitting his job.

And that’s how Mexicans do. #Trabajadores ??

Learn more about this lucky man’s story here.

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