Here’s Why Reinventing Mexican Food Is A Waste Of Hipster Chef’s Time

We all know Mexican food is great, but nothing is more annoying when we hear our food-fetishizing, non-Latino friends say, “Have you heard of this great artisanal street corn? I think it’s called, ‘e-loat’?” Yes, we know it’s good. And it’s not pronounced “e-loat.”

What these bandwagon foodies don’t understand is that Mexican food was perfected a long time ago. We don’t need a hipster chef’s re-interpretation of corn to “discover” how great Mexican food can be. And while we would love to get really in the dirt on this topic, the truth is that the OCWeekly’s Gustavo Arellano already aired this exact grievance in a great article: “10 Mexican Dishes Hipster Chefs Need to Get Over Already.”

Check it out in the link below and let us know if you think he’s on the money, or a little too hard on these “hipster chefs.”

[H/T] 10 Mexican Dishes Hipster Chefs Need to Get Over Already

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