Mexican Diver Rommel Pacheco Deserves A Gold For Just Being Him

Mexican diver Rommel Pacheco may have missed out on a medal in the individual diving competition in Rio, but that’s okay. The 30-year-old was able to win the hearts of Mexicans — and diving fans — all over the world with his determined and inspiring performance.

Rommel Pacheco was representing Mexico in the men’s 3m springboard competition in Rio.


He placed 5th with teammate Jahir Ocampo in the 3m springboard synchronized diving event.

He dominated the preliminaries of the event, placing 2nd to advance to the semifinals.


Pretty solid diving in the semifinals proved to the world that Pacheco was someone to definitely keep an eye on.

His performance in the semifinals gave Mexicans some serious hope that their boy could bring home a medal.


He was diving so well in the semifinals that he made it to 1st place.

He would end the semifinals round in 2nd, but people were really frustrated that NBC Olympics didn’t give the Mexican diver any airtime.

Seriously, the people want to know.

If diving in the top three during a competition doesn’t give you airtime, then what does?

Like, dude made it to the finals and wasn’t getting a lot of airtime.

Mexicanos everywhere were wishing, praying and begging for Pacheco to keep up his good work to bring a medal back for México.

Then came the finals and his first dive spelled trouble.

The dive was good, it was the entry into the water that gave him some serious trouble.

And he couldn’t shake the bad dive entries on his second dive.

By the time the second round of diving was over, Pacheco was at the bottom of the pack.

Pacheco then totally nailed the rest of his dives.

Despite scoring a 96.90 on his last dive, the damage had already been done. Pacheco ended up coming in 7th place overall in the 3m springboard event.

If he could have made the vertical entry in the first two dives, there’s a good chance Pacheco could’ve made it to the top three.

Even though he didn’t make it to the podium for a medal, Mexicans applauded his perseverance.

“Congratulations, @Rommel_Pacheco. Only those who are among the best in the world know how important this is,” @FernandoPlatas, a former Mexican diver, tweeted. “Always proud of you!!!”

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