mexican Country music That Profess Their Love Of Mexico

Country music has had a resurgence in popularity, and Latinos are becoming a larger share of the country music audience year by year. This appreciation goes both ways: Mexico has also had a special place in country music’s heart. Take a peek at some of the songs written about Mexico lindo y querido, some of which are at least three decades old. We don’t blame them, tbh. After all, what’s not to love about Mexico?!

“The Seashores of Old Mexico” by George Strait

CREDIT: YouTube/GeorgeStraitVEVO

This country classic from the 1970s was originally written by Merle Haggard, but has been recorded by multiples, including a 2005 chart-topping version by George Strait. This saga tells the tale of a rugged outlaw who heads south of the border to start over in a seaside Mexican town of Manzanillo. There, our protagonist falls in love with a señorita from Sonora who has a penchant for “gringos.”

“That’s Why God Made Mexico” by Tim McGraw

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Tim McGraw knows that la vida es más bella en Mexico. The two protagonists of this song are living separate loveless relationships, and they both decide to head to Mexico to live a slower, happier lifestyle in a border town where they can let their hair down. “That’s why God made Mexico, a place where we can lay low, maybe Monterey or Acapulco, anywhere the warm winds blow,” McGraw philosophizes.

“Beer in Mexico” by Kenny Chesney

CREDIT: YouTube/KennyChesneyVEVO

Kenny Chesney tries to solve a pre-mid-life crisis of feeling too old for YOLO antics and too young to be over the hill by sticking his toes in the sand and popping open a nice cold one. He chooses to live in the present by saying he is going to “have another beer in Mexico, [and] let the warm air melt these blues away.”

“Playboys of the Southwestern World” by Blake Shelton

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Leave it to prankster Blake Shelton to sing about two childhood best friends making plans to head down to Mexico to “chase señoritas, drink [themselves] silly, [and] show them Mexican girls a couple of real hillbillies.” The song takes them from their rambunctious teen years to their time in college, where they actually head to Mexico and get in trouble with the law.

 “Felt Good On My Lips” by Tim McGraw

CREDIT: YouTube/Tim McGraw Official Videos

Now, this song doesn’t specifically mention Mexico per se, but it definitely covers cross-cultural love. The Latina in the song is our type of girl, who tips “the D.J. to play her favorite song, a Spanish little number that was a rockin’ on strong.” Wondering what song it was? We’re putting our money on a Selena classic like “Baila Esta Cumbia.”

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