1 Plastic Bag Made Soccer Dreams Come True For This Little Dude

messi murtaza

An Afghan child spotted wearing Messi’s soccer jersey made out of a plastic bag has created a worldwide stir.

Murtaza Ahmadi is a 5-year-old who’s a big fan of both Messi and soccer. According to his dad, Arif Ahmadi, “[he] wakes up in the middle of the night, he starts crying that he wants to go to Messi.”

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Because they can’t afford to go to town to buy a jersey, his brother helped him make one out of a plastic bag. Resourcefulness for the win!

And, word on the street (or Messi’s fan club Twitter account), is that Messi is planning to surprise Murtaza!

Credit: @messi10stats / Twitter

In the meantime, Murtaza finally got a REAL Messi jersey.

Credit: @messi10stats / Twitter

Read more about Messi’s biggest, littlest fan from CNN here.

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